Yummy Kawaii Bento – Book Review and Recommendation

Yummy Kawaii Bento - Book Review and recommendation

Li Ming Lee of BentoMonsters.com has a new book!

I love my talented friends. I mean, you may have noticed by now that at least, oh, 99% of the lunches I share with you are not of my own creation. That’s right. With only one of my 3 girls left at home (she’s in 11th grade now), the lunches I pack for her are healthy and simple but, I confess, not usually all that interesting to look at, let alone take pictures of. That’s why I love our lunch packing community – all of you  who share picture-worthy lunches so the rest of us can be inspired! Some are simple, some are true works of art. Whatever your style, if you’ve been following EasyLunchboxes for any length of time, you’ve surely found pics, recipes, and ideas that appeal to you.

I share all the good stuff.

So here’s a new and noteworthy resource for reinventing the everyday packed lunch:

Yummy Kawaii Bento is a brand new book by my friend Li Ming Lee, who’s creative meals (you just HAVE to check them  out!) are on her blog, BentoMonsters.com.

Now, before you go all, “There’s no way I have time to make these  kinds of fancy lunches” on me, keep in mind that BENTO does not always have to be time consuming or difficult. In fact, some of the simplest techniques (like cutting  sandwiches, veggies, or cheese into cute shapes) take about 4 seconds each. And what a difference a fun cut-out can make in your child’s lunch:)

What I love about Yummy Kawaii Bento is that Ming has put together a book that is not just for the seasoned bento artist. It is a fantastic resource for the advanced bento artist as well as those who want to get started with creative lunch packing. Ming details lots of tools that you can (but certainly don’t have to) purchase and shows you, step by step, how to use each one. You can do one creative cut out on a lunch, or make every item you pack into it’s own storied character. It’s really up to you.

The other thing I love of course, is that Ming chose to pack a few of her beautifully photographed bento lunches in my EasyLunchboxes containers: 


“Gorgeous boxed lunches …  Each of her elaborate creations is filled with both nutrients and whimsy.” – Huffington Post

Cow Salad Bento Lunch packed in EasyLunchboxes

“A true lunchtime artist … a food styling assassin.” – New York Post

Halloween Monster and Mummy Sandwich EasyLunchboxes bento lunch

With more than 160 step-by-step tutorials on how to assemble balanced bento boxes, create food art, and cook individual recipes that bridge the East and the West, Yummy Kawaii Bento turns food preparation into an art and makes eating fun for both parent and child.

Back to School Bento. Packed in EasyLunchboxes

Click the Amazon link below and you can “Look inside this book” to see lots more of Yummy Kawaii Bento. I highly recommend Ming’s book. The pictures are amazing, the tutorials are super clear and easy to follow, and there is even an extensive collection of traditional recipes.

Thank you Ming,  for including EasyLunchboxes in Yummy Kawaii Bento!

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