Young Actors Theatre Camp – Original and Organic

What I did last summer

Yes, I realize we just had Thanksgiving, and I know you’re busy with holiday planning, etc., but life simply got in the way of me editing all the fab footage I shot of the great time I had this past July as an instructor at the famed Young Actors Theatre Camp. So, albeit belated, here’s my summer report. Just consider it the prequel to my winter break report…

What I’ll be doing over winter break

Young Actors Theatre Camp LogoI’m so looking forward to our first family trip in literally, years! Between Christmas and New Years, my husband Loren and I are bringing our girls up to the Young Actors Theatre Camp for their winter session! Loren will teach comedy technique and I will once again teach musical theatre auditioning and performance. Our oldest daughter Jenny will be back from her musical theatre studies at Point Park U in Pittsburgh and she’ll be a CIT. Julia (11) and Lily (13) will attend as campers.

To get there, we’ll be driving up the coast of California, leaving behind the suburbs of Los Angeles. Now, as much as I love the fact that there are no less than 3 Target stores within 5-10 minutes of my house (not kidding), I can’t wait to get up into the mountains where Targets may be more synonymous with sharpshooting, and there is, quite possibly, no internet access. Hey, I will probably kill myself might actually enjoy that…

At least I know the food will be good 🙂