Yes. My toddler can pack her own lunch.

Toddler packs her own lunch. In EasyLunchboxes BPA-free compartmentalized container.

Mom of 2, Kendra Peterson, who blogs over at Biting the Hand That Feeds You, shared the above pic with me today. It could be my most favorite photo ever. And I say this as a mom of 3. So you know I’ve already got shoeboxes online galleries full of my own melt your heart pics…

But I can’t take my eyes off this one.

The twinkle in the eye that peeks out from the unruly curls. The look that proudly says, “I packed it myself, Mama!”. This precious little sprite clutching her beloved EasyLunchbox. But this time, filled with things that she herself picked out. Deliberately. One by one. Arranged just so. (Kids really do eat more/better, when they’re part of the process. Just sayin’.)

There’s a big story in this photo. That face is just begging to tell you about it.

I’ll let mom Kendra fill you in on all the details. And also the part about how big sis (6) packed her own lunch too:)

"Me do it!" Lunches packed by little ones.

And leave a comment below if you’ve got fun ways to get your kids to pack their own lunches.