It all Comes Together When you Work From Within

I learned something new!

I just found out there’s a name for what I do. Insanity. It’s called having a “portfolio career”, and for some strange reason, it makes me happy to think that, if what I do has actually been given that lofty sounding title, maybe I should stop whining about being overwhelmed and simply embrace my “portfolio”. I mean, when I track it’s history, I realize I’m actually pretty proud of it’s current holdings 🙂

Things are not always easy, but I really do love my job. Well, actually jobs. I have a lot of them these days: mom, wife, actress/singer, web series host, and my obvious role here as The Lunchbox Lady. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t love every minute of all these jobs, I mean,  please people… I’m human.

I get annoyed with my kids and short with my husband (sometimes more often than I care to admit). Auditions stress me out (What do I sing? What do I wear? How come I can’t memorize these lines in one glance?) And most days, I sit at the computer so long my knees hurt from not moving from my chair.

But now I can add “proud owner of a portfolio career” to my resume. I have to thank my new friend, Dr. Susan Bernstein for this uplifting title and new way of looking at my life and all that I do. Susan is a life/work transition expert, and the creator of Work From Within. Her passion is to help working professionals and organizations find clarity and confidence. She teaches that “by listening to your head, heart, and gut, it all comes together…”

Read my story

I’m so flattered that Susan wanted to interview me for her profile story this week about someone who is actually “working from within.” (You can read what she wrote about me HERE.) We spent quite some time chatting over the phone, and I’m just so impressed with her program and the philosophy behind it. I was very interested to read her personal journey and how she came to understand that, indeed, it all comes together if you work from within.

Here are a couple of her articles that I found to be quite thought provoking:

Wanna plan your career future in a hot tub on the Pacific Ocean?

Susan is teaching a workshop at Esalen, in Big Sur, CA June 24-26th.

Working from within sounds even better when the water is over 100 degrees 😉