Who else uses their EasyLunchboxes lid as a plate??

Double Duty EasyLunchboxes! The lid can also be a plate.

So my friend Roxanne of The Roxx Box posed this question to our Bento Bloggers and Friends community, and it turns out she’s not the only one who does this!

Now, I’m all about things that can do double duty, so of course I had to show you how my EasyLunchboxes lid makes the perfect plate! Especially when you’re out and about and you wanna spread out your food on an eating surface that fails the “clean enough to eat off of” test. Um yea, that probably happens a lot.

Keeley, of Keely McGuire Blog, piped in and said, I use the lids like that all the time haha mostly bc i don’t want to dirty a plate… or general laziness”. LOL, who can’t relate to that sometimes? 😉

Double Duty Meal

Speaking of double duty – I love how Roxanne thinks ahead. Making enough food for dinner and then turning the leftovers into another delicious meal for lunch:

Here is the original meal. Israeli salad with grilled chicken

Grilled chicken and israeli salad dinner

…Then, to make it into a 2nd meal, I made a wrap.” – Roxanne

Grilled chicken and israeli salad wrap for lunch. Packed to go in EasyLunchboxes.

Leave a comment below if you use your EasyLunchboxes for double duty. Or what other products do you use in unexpected ways that make your life easier?