Which Cooler Bags do EasyLunchboxes Food Containers fit into? [VIDEO]

Which lunch bags fit EasyLunchboxes food containers?

My EasyLunchboxes food containers are designed to help you pack lunches FAST. And so are my cooler bags! Their streamlined, roomy design allows you to pack any number of items into your cooler. Everything fits, every time. Meals are carried upright, not sideways. Food stays neat, how you packed it 🙂

Insulated lunch bags for EasyLunchboxes containers

But what if you’re looking for a slimmer design, or something with a cartoon character, or longer strap? The question I get most often is, “what other cooler bags will work with your containers?”

You asked? We’ve got (LOTS OF) answers!

You can take your EasyLunchboxes container to the store with you , OR if you’re shopping online,  just be sure that the inside of the bag you have your eye on measures a bit larger than my container, which is: 9.38″ x 6.1″ x 2″.

TARGET offers lots of cooler bag choices. Becky, of Food for Harper takes you there. She shows how bags by Embark, Accessory Innovations, Marvel, Thermos, Circo, and more fit (or don’t fit) EasyLunchboxes containers. WATCH ►

Even MORE brands checked out! Shannon of Bunches O’ Lunches, puts bags by EasyLunchboxes, Pottery Barn Kids, Wildkin, Arctic Zone, and Embark to the test. WATCH ►

(If you’d like to watch Shannon’s video review of my lunch containers, click HERE.)

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Picnic with EasyLunchboxes and Thirty One:

EasyLunchboxes and Thirty-One

Or, just stick with the EasyLunchboxes ORIGINAL:

washable lunch bags that fit EasyLunchboxes containers

The cooler bags that last. (Results will vary.)

EasyLunchboxes cooler bags are sturdy, washable, and long lasting