Trader Joe’s and EasyLunchboxes – the BOOK!

The book is FINISHED!!!

Ok, so who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s??  I know you can’t name a single person who doesn’t adore this natural and organic food market. Here’s an entire blog post on Why People Love Trader Joe’s. And I can humbly tell you that an awful lot of people are really loving my EasyLunchboxes.

Yummy goodness-to-go. Yep! This is the book that combines fabulous food and a lunch-packing system that makes it simple to pack meals FAST.

Cooking With Trader Joe’s Cookbook – Easy Lunch Boxes will be the 7th in a popular series of cookbooks devoted to cooking with foods from this remarkable store.

We proofread it a gazillion times, fussed over the layout with gifted designer Lilla Hangay, edited it like crazy, (kept all the good stuff), and my publishers (Brown Bag Publishers) just sent it off to the printer! Now we WAIT…

It comes out in September 🙂

We started only a few short months ago…. It’s been a crazy whirlwind of work, a lot of late nights, and about 30 zillion emails between everyone involved. But I hope you’ll forgive me as as I gush a little here… it’s GORGEOUS! Marla Meridith, who also contributed recipes, styled and shot each mouth-watering photo. There are color pics on every page, personal stories,  meal-packing ideas, and of course, a wide variety of delicious recipes that you’ll be able to prepare. Fast. And even if you aren’t lucky enough to live near a Trader Joe’s, don’t worry; These meals can be easily adapted to ingredients found in your local market.

Finally, a beautiful guide to help you pack fresh, wholesome meals-to-go for kids and adults… FAST.

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A Cast of 32

This book mirrors what I’ve been creating online since I launched EasyLunchboxes in December, 2009: a vibrant community of devoted EasyLunchbox-packers –  folks who care greatly about what they’re eating, and who enthusiastically share from their kitchens and hearts. Busy people like me who’ve found time-saving ways to make good nutrition a top priority in their lives.

Thanks to social media, I’ve built an incredible band of supporters, fans, and now, friends, who wasted no time in submitting their best meal ideas to me for this book. When I contacted some of my favorite foodie pals to see if they would share a few recipes with me, I was stunned at the generous flood of crazy deliciousness that poured in. My recipe-wise assistant Lauri (who shares her gluten-free wisdom and recipes in the book) and I pored through hundreds of their family-tested dishes, and narrowed it down to the best of the best from the following 32 contributors. (The whole process made us HUNGRY, lol! When you look through this book, you’ll know what I mean.)

Here they are (in no particular order)

Lisa of 100 Days of Real Food, Astrid of Lunches Fit for a Kid, Lise of Veggie-BentoLeslie Durso, Aviva of The Scramble, Laura of MOMables, Kendra of Biting the Hand That Feeds you, Bobbi of Bobbi’s Bentos, Brenda of Sugar Free Mom, Marla of Family Fresh Cooking, Averie of Averie Cooks, Brianne of Red, Round, or Green, Alina Joy of The Good Old Days Farm, Christine of Wings to Weeds, Corey of Family Fresh Meals, Cristi of Bent on Better Lunches, Dan Masciullo, Jenny Lester,  Emily of Bentobloggy, JeeJee of BentoUSA, Nimali of Dr. Yum, Jenn of Bento for Kidlet, Keeley of Keeley McGuire Blog, Lauri Fitzsimmons, Kim of Out of the Box Food, Kristie of Beneficial Bento, Doug Fitzsimmons, Lori of Pink ‘n Punchy Lunches, Melanie of My Munch Bug, Nina of Mamabelly’s Lunches With Love, Rachel of Rachel’s Random Ramblings, Katie of School of Enrichment.

Cooking With Trader Joe’s Cookbook – Easy Lunch Boxes will be available in September, 2012, wherever books are sold. ► ORDER your copy now