Will a Titanic Gamble pay off for this Talented Writer?


photo: defthome

Sometimes when you try to make a big change in your life you simply “change deck chairs on the Titanic”. But how do you know when a change can really make a difference?  Case-in-point: my friend Susan McMartin, who has worked as a TV and Film writer for a number of years (and she’s a wonderful writer by the way.)  She’s decided that her career is, indeed, on the Titanic and, instead of looking for a deck chair, she’s now looking for a rescue lifeboat that will take her to a new life.  Maybe she’s on to something here. After all, there are a lot of stories in show business where someone gives up and goes away and when they return they’re more successful than they’ve ever been.

But how do you know if you’re really making the right decision? I myself have had a few “reinventions” and I have to say that the different roads I’ve taken have taught me new skills and afforded me wonderful opportunities and experiences that I may not have had if I just continued doing the “same ol”….

Susan’s story may strike one of your own personal chords. Are you in, or have you ever been in the midst of making one of these big life changes?

How did it turn out for you?

Susan’s story:

Susan McMartin and her daughterFrom the time I could write, I did. Poems, short stories, and then eventually plays, books, television and movie scripts.

At 21, I joined the Writer’s Guild and for the last 21 years I have never stopped writing. I haven’t always been paid, but I’ve never stopped. I’ve never swayed from my dream, and I’ve never left the business.

But, after getting taken down with pneumonia, sweating through pajamas, bed sheets, hallucinating I was at a Justin Bieber concert, seeing exactly what my eyebrows look like when they haven’t been plucked, realizing just how many cobwebs there are on my ceiling, and getting evening visits from the ghosts of winter’s past, I came to a conclusion.

I need a job.

A real job. One with outfits and name tags and maybe plastic gloves for handling the meat and fries. Clearly, the whole “writing” plan is not going as I had hoped. I made more money the summer of ’83 when I babysat the little French boy who lived up the glen than I did last year. And I got yummy French dinners to boot!

No, I had to take a long hard look at my career—something I do on a daily basis and no doubt led to me getting so ill….Read the rest of Susan’s story HERE

Come back and share your thoughts below after you’ve read her article. How’s the view from the chair you’re sitting in now?