ThrifTee Gear: upcycled t-shirt turned cool lunch box for teens

cool lunch bags for teens ThrifTeeGear

You’re a teen. I get it. (Some of you live in my house). Even if you want to avoid the school cafeteria, it’s not always the coolest thing to carry a lunch box. Unless you’re pulling off say, head to toe Hello Kitty and your HK lunch box just completes the picture, you may not want to carry your lunch to school in a standard thermal tote. I mean, you’ve already got that heavy backpack filled with books and P.E. clothes, and your spare hand probably prefers to clutch a phone, not a lunch …

So what’s a teenager to do? Or anyone else, for that matter, who’s looking for a little coolness in which to tote their homemade veggie-wrap and quinoa salad?

Enter ThrifTee Gear

Super cool, washable lunch bags made from recycled t-shirts. Even your own. Watch how well they pair with my EasyLunchbox containers:

I told you. Super cool, right???

My new friend Trixie recently launched ThrifTee Gear. I love these bags! They’re a great option to my more traditional lunch cooler. And the best part? Her company can even make you a custom lunch bag from your own favorite t-shirt!

Trixie’s daughter Maggie is a high school sophomore and a video whiz. She and her friend Taylor whipped up the little gem above in an afternoon. Why? Cuz she loves her mama’s bags and they both love my lunch containers. Thanks Maggie! (I’m totally seeing a film making career in your future…)

Ya gotta love the ThrifTee Gear product description:

“One of a kind… just like each of the ThrifTee Gear tribe who use them. ThrifTee Gear allows for self expression. A voice in the school cafeteria. Speak out!”

Learn more about these eco-cool, upcycled, washable, food safe, fully lined, mom made, bully proof and awesome lunch cooler bags right HERE. And then enter the ThrifTee Gear/EasyLunchboxes GIVEAWAY!!! Ends 8/25

EasyLunchboxes and ThrifTee Gear – stay cool and stay away from the school cafeteria.

Trixie and Maggie ThrifTeeGearTrixie is a wife, mom, and grandmommy who enjoys creating things for family and friends. While spending time homeschooling a teenage son the past three years, she began doing more sewing and starting selling personalized appliquéd items on Etsy to have a little added income. When the idea of a lunch bag for teens made from thrifted t-shirts came to her, she knew she wanted to share it with the world. Trixie’s daughter Maggie is a high school sophmore and cheerleader. She enjoys photography and movie making and all things Macintosh. For ThrifTee Gear, Maggie is the target market expert. The videos she has created for ThrifTee Gear are an invaluable contribution to her mom’s shoestring budget marketing plan. Maggie films them, stars in them, edits them, and promotes them, all in about 30 minutes time.  Watch more HERE.