Showtime’s THE AFFAIR takes EasyLunchboxes to lunch


So my daughter Jenny and I both adore Showtime’s THE AFFAIR. Late the other night, she texted me that she was binge watching season 3 and, lo and behold, one of my EasyLunchboxes food containers was predominantly featured in episode 4! Since I am a few episodes behind her, I hadn’t caught up to this particular sighting.

But lookee!!!!

EasyLunchboxes as seen on THE AFFAIR

Zooming in for the close-up

This packed lunch co-starred along with series regulars Ruth Wilson, Joshua Jackson, and cutie Regan Grella, who looks pretty pleased with her lunch! The grin on her face belies the drama that’s going on with her parents in this episode. But then, a nice packed lunch makes everything a little better, right?

EasyLunchboxes on TV - Showtime

Make lunchtime a smash hit!

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