Sharing Lunch and Social Media Success via Facebook


When I started EasyLunchboxes in late 2009, I was not familiar with the term social media. I did not know the difference between a personal Facebook page or a Facebook fan page. I definitely was not on Twitter.

Winner! Top 10 Small Biz Facebook PageBut my website was up and I thought I had come up with a pretty terrific product. The only problem was, no one knew about it. So I got busy. I figured there was a lot I didn’t know about getting the word out in this new era of online marketing.

I quickly found some fantastic bloggers and websites that put out such helpful content,  I couldn’t help but get excited to try every little thing they suggested. The amazing part? Most of their great suggestions cost me nothing to implement. It only cost me time to share ideas, photos, recipes, and more.

My online presence grew along with my customer base as I posted away, everywhere I could. Not exactly in love with writing, I spend less time on this blog, and a lot more time on Facebook and Twitter, where posting (for me) can be quick, clear, and my favorite word, easy.

My Facebook Fan Page is a WINNER!

EasyLunchboxes Facebook Fan PageSo imagine my surprise when, as a self-taught, do-it-all-myself mompreneur, I found out that I placed #2 in the Top Ten Small Business Facebook Pages 2011 Contest, sponsored by my favorite guide to the social media jungle: Social Media Examiner!!

This is the very first time my graphic design and social media skills have ‘won’ me any kind of accolade. I have come by probably 75% of my Facebook marketing skills just by reading the daily posts on Social Media Examiner. I also follow the individual writers on staff at SME. So many helpful tidbits! OK, I struggle with love the information overload, so to be given a big pat on the back like this? Um, just a little bit thrilling 🙂

Big shout-out thanks to my pal Alina Joy of The Good Old Days Farm for casting the first nomination for my page. And my deepest thanks to SME and, of course, to YOU my fans, for all the interaction and support. Without your input, this could never have happened.

Icing on the Cake

And as if this wonderful win wasn’t enough? I just made a new friend around the globe in Holland – Juan Felix of Mirror Yourself . He’s a social media consultant who surprised me by posting a positively blush-inducing article – lauding my win, my fan page, and presenting an in-depth overview of my EasyLunchboxes online presence. What he said about me is so praiseworthy, it could have been written by my very supportive mother (well, if she had “a Facebook” and knew how to copy and paste). Thank you Juan!

It never ceases to amaze me that, even a world away, what I do inside my home office can be seen and appreciated by so many.