School Lunch Packing Inspiration From a Five Year Old

bento lunchbox by a 5 year old

“Only healthy food in this lunch, MOM!” – Lily, age 5

Having created a simple yet ultra functional lunchbox, I’m amazed and delighted to see what you pack and create every day. The best part of my “job” is sharing all your creations in our yummy lunch galleries. But I got an extra special kick out of this email I received from Rachel Beard, mom of two small children, one of whom is already an enthusiastic and discerning  lunch packer at a pretty young age! Go mom 🙂

Here’s what Rachel wrote:

“I am making lots of great lunches for my pre-school aged kids, just having fun doing it and loving your ideas as inspiration. Anyway, I wanted to share this lunch that my 5 year-old made, to show you where my hard work is really paying off! lol.

She wanted to pack her own lunch and she made this elephant and baby sandwich that did not cut out that well, and colored it with Foodoodlers. She said, “It’s Dumbo and his mama wearing dresses for the circus.”  And then she selected all the rest of the stuff… SHE picked the broccoli and carrots and low fat ranch. She washed the berries and put them in her lunchbox. I offered her some kind of crackers or a small candy and she said “NO – Only healthy food in this lunch, MOM!” And notice that she packed a rainbow! Red strawberries, orange carrots, yellow cheese (in sandwich), green broccoli, blueberries, and purple grapes.

Here is another lunch Lily made a while back for herself and her brother (I helped her with this one more, but she still did a lot of the work.):

Lunch for Lily and her brother

I just want you to know that I had never packed a lunch until September, and I googled “how to pack a lunch for preschoolers” and I think I came up with Wendolonia first, which brought me to your site, which brought me to Amazon, and then triggered a crazy shopping spree. I went from not knowing what to put in a lunchbox, to being known for it at the kids’ school.

And this is how my daughter expects her lunches now… She’s really focused on eating healthy foods. They just did a unit on the heart at her pre-K and it got her very passionate about keeping her body healthy. She’s a bit spoiled, but after 5 months has been conditioned to eat a ton of fruits and veggies at the lunch table. It makes me feel so good.

Thank you for making a product that is easy and fun to use. It works great for my whole family and the lunch bags are great too.”

Knowing that I’m helping kids and families eat better is REALLY the best part of my job 🙂

Rachel Beard and LilyRachel Beard wants healthy food choices to be an automatic process for her children. She wants them to open a lunchbox and expect to find apple slices instead of cookies. Follow her adventures in parenting, bento lunch making, and Random Ramblings.