Project Lunch Box – Pack Healthy Meals for 30 Days and Beyond

I’m so glad I have talented and creative friends. Friends who cook, friends who blog, friends who take pictures of what they cook. Friends who blog about what they cook and take pictures of. Healthy friends who do all of the above, and also like to pack lunches.

Pack your own lunch box

Marla Meridith is one of those friends. She likes my lunch boxes. I love her recipes. And I REALLY love what she just posted on her blog : Project Lunch Box – 30 Day Challenge.

Take the Pledge and Share the Health!

Marla writes:

Marla Meridith“Can we do a little project together for the next 30 days? I pitch that we all partner up to pack healthy meals for ourselves (if you eat lunch away from home) and our kids. Are you in? I sure hope so. If you can’t swing five days a week for 4 weeks than can you go with at least a day or two a week? I bet once you get started you will see how easy it is to pack a quick, healthy and delicious lunch box.”

But here’s the great part – she’s gonna inspire you and give you ideas on HOW.

Marla’s blog, Family Fresh Cooking, is on the 2011 Babble list of Top 100 Food Mom Blogs, and she is an in-demand speaker and attendee at many food and blogging events across the country. In touch with many others who share her passion for delicious food and a healthy lifestyle, Marla has invited these talented and creative folks to share THEIR recipes and tips at Project Lunch Box.

Oh, and she’s also going to GIVEAWAY 2 of my EasyLunchbox Systems so you’ll have something to pack all this healthy goodness in!

Wanna get started? Wanna enter her giveaway?

Check out Marla’s post – Take the pledge, get some recipes, share your own and, oh yea,

please share Project Lunch Box with YOUR friends!

If they don’t cook, take pictures, or pack healthy lunches, this may just get them started 🙂

Time for Lunch

 all photos courtesy of Marla Meridith