Pretty Pancakes – Food as Art

Jenni Price pancake art multi

Now these are fun!

You’ve probably noticed we’re all a little obsessed around here with making lunches look fun and eye-appealing. And every day I’m tickled to see the amazing bento lunches that you share on my Facebook wall and on your own amazing blogs.

Jenni Price pancake artBut until one of my good lunch-packin’ pals, Kendra of Biting the Hand that Feeds You,Β pointed me in the direction of Jenni Price, I had never before seen anything like these pancakes that are clearly works of art. Not sure if Van Gogh or Gauguin would agree, but I’m betting Picasso would have smiled for sure. He was always way ahead of his time πŸ˜‰

Jenni Price is a wife, mom, and children’s illustrator. She also has a degree in computer animation. Whatever inspired her to make these astonishing creations, I don’t know, but I’m just a little thunderstruck by them. Hence, I had to share!!

And look what she’s sharing with YOU:

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If you enjoy looking at Jenni’s fabulous pancakes, google “food art” or “creative food”. What you’ll come up with will have you “gabberflasted” as my daughter Julia likes to say.

Now I know there was a whole site on dryer lint art somewhere….