Power Lunches with Footsteps2Brilliance™ and EasyLunchboxes

As a mother and an educator, I have always known that parents who want to give their child an academic advantage serve nutritious food with a heavy dose of literacy. I love EasyLunchboxes because they allow me to easily pack a balanced diet for my children. But today I want to share how you can turn this balanced diet into a Power Lunch.

Years ago, I chaired an organization called Everybody Wins. This organization paired children with professionals who read books to the children during their lunch breaks.

The results were amazing

The more a child is exposed to literature and language, the better they do academically.

I created Footsteps2Brilliance™, Inc. to give pre-K though 2nd grade children a head start towards school success. It consists of a library of 18 bilingual, educator created e-books and over 230 educational games that will teach your child the 1,000 key words needed to develop a powerful reading and writing vocabulary

Innovative features include:

  • Auditory support and rhyming to help with reading fluency
  • Three levels of game play for independent learning
  • English/Spanish toggle switch
  •  Interactive animations and music that make the stories come to life
  • Test taking skill development
  • Create-a-Book feature enabling your child to author books
  • Parent-friendly reports

The Footsteps2Brilliance™ app has become such a part of our friend John’s life that his creative mom over at ourlunchbags.com even came up with a Power Lunch featuring Footsteps2Brilliance™’s mascot Sherlock Mouse, created from a piece of cheese, as part of John’s lunch!

Read John’s reading success story HERE

John’s reading assessment increased almost 20% in just seven weeks, and John’s mom definitely attributes a large amount of his improvement to Foosteps2Brilliance™.

For a limited time, Footsteps2Brilliance™ is offering their collection of 18 bilingual books and over 230 games to EasyLunchbox parents for a special price of $149.00 (retail price $249).

The Footsteps2Brilliance™ app is available via iTunes, Google play and Amazon.

Best of all, learning with Footsteps2Brilliance ™ can happen anytime … at lunch, to and from school, or on a family vacation because it can be accessed through any smart device including– iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets, Kindle Fires, Google Nexus tablets and traditional computers.

Click here to give your child a head start to academic success!


Ilene Rosenthal is the CEO and Founder of Footsteps2Brilliance™.  Footsteps2Brilliance™ recently won several prestigious awards including the SIIA award for “Innovative Company Most Likely To Succeed”, Codie finalist for “Best K-12 Instructional Solution”,  AEP award for “Best ESL/ELL Educational Solution”, and “Golden Lamp Award” finalist. 

Ilene began her career as a teacher, during which time she designed curriculum and authored textbooks. She received her J.D. from Georgetown University and her B.A. from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn. Ilene serves on the Boards of the E L Haynes Public Charter School and New Futures, and has two daughters adopted from China.