Portion Control and Clean Eating: How Roxanne Lightened up

Roxanne's fitness journey. How she lightened up via portion control and clean eating

I love my inspirational friends!

Roxanne, who pens The Roxx Box, not only shares amazing recipes and packed lunch ideas, she has also been unabashedly sharing her weight loss story on her personal Facebook wall for over a year. I have been amazed and inspired by the strength and determination she’s had to achieve her goal. I asked her to share her story and what’s worked for her. Roxanne writes:

“Over a year ago, I felt terrible. I felt sluggish, my thighs rubbed together, I was close to 160 lbs (I’m 5’2), and I was borderline hypertensive. Around the same time a friend dropped dead unexpectedly, and another friend was battling cancer. As a result, I decided as a birthday present to myself, I would commit to working out every day for a year. I had no plan on what I was going to do, the only requirement was that I needed to move for at least 10 min every day. I also knew that I needed to be selfish and take care of myself. Over the next few months, I did a variety of exercises/challenges, I started eating a mostly clean diet, I took up distance running, and I started surrounding myself with only positive people/energy. I accomplished my goal on Jun 28, 2014, but I’ve kept going. This summer, I wore a bikini for the first time in 30 years (I’m 39). I’ve always been a one piece bathing suit wearer. And you know what, it was liberating. I felt amazing. I was proud that I felt confident enough to wear something other than a 1pc.

Roxanne uses EasyLunchboxes to pack portion controlled meals

Roxanne of The Roxx BoxChanges I’m proud of:

My weight dropped from 160 to 136. I’m toned with defined muscles. I’m strong. I no longer shy away from doing difficult things. I will at least try/push myself. A year ago I would have laughed if anyone told me to run anything beyond a lap. Now I’m running miles and recently completed my first official 10K as well as a 1/2 marathon.

Never act as though you don’t have time to take care of yourself.

That’s a lie that a lot of us have bought into. You do have time to take care of yourself, you just choose to prioritize other things. Yeah, you might not be able to spend 1-2 hrs in the gym, but you can spend 15-20 minutes, walking around your neighborhood or doing low impact exercises at home. Yeah, you don’t have time to cook all fancy, but what you consume doesn’t always have to be fast and greasy. Make yourself a priority. That’s my message.

EasyLunchboxes Help with Portion Control

As someone who loves food, I found during this journey, that I needed to focus on portion control. I was exercising a lot, but not seeing any true changes, because my portions were way too big. In focusing on portion control, I started using my EasyLunchboxes containers more and more. I would use the different compartments, as well as silicone muffin cups to better manage my portions. Once I started doing that, I started noticing real change. When adopting a healthy lifestyle, it is important to find the tools that works best for you in not only achieving, but maintaining your goal. Hence, why I’m so big on portion control.”

Be sure to check out Roxanne’s blog, The Roxx Box, for her mouth-watering recipes and portion-controlled lunch ideas:

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Inspiring others

Roxanne has not only changed her own body, her journey has truly inspired others:

“I think the main thing I’ve noticed with friends following my journey, and now doing their own, is through my actions and consistency, they no longer say they can’t. I had so many doubters when I said I was going to workout everyday for a year. Now those same doubters are texting me daily with their own journey/progress.” – Roxanne

"Set goals and start checking them off" - Roxanne of The Roxx Box

Just as I was about to publish Roxanne’s story, I got a comment on my EasyLunchboxes Facebook wall from Chris, who wanted to let me know that ELBs are helping him too, with portion control.

Thanks Chris! So happy to hear that! – Kelly