Personalize Your Cooler Bag With Note Pockets

Lunch Bag Cooler Note Pocket

My EasyLunchbox cooler bags come in vibrant colors, but what if you want to get creative and really jazz them up? We’ve seen some super-swell monogramming, puffy paint, designs applied with fabric glue, and lots of decorative name tags. They’re all featured in my cooler bag gallery.

But here’s a fabulous new idea:

Note Pockets!

Melanie Potock is is a speech language pathologist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of feeding disorders. She’s also the founder of My Munch Bug, a resource which offers “tricks of the trade to help your little munch bug learn the joy of food.”

A big fan of my EasyLunchboxes, Melanie sent me an email yesterday, along with a fabulous tutorial on how to make these great note pockets on the EasyLunchbox Cooler bag!

She wrote:

I just got a tutorial for a vinyl pocket to be added to the top and inside of an EasyLunchbox Cooler Bag. This is one strategy that I use to help kids focus in the hustle and bustle of the school cafeteria. It’s great for all kids – you can put a note for the teacher in the pocket on top (or perhaps a reminder to “buy milk”, etc.) and then, when the child unzips the cover, they see a private note just for them. For kids with special needs who have trouble focusing, I might include a few steps for them via short sentences or even pictures, such as:

1. Open your lunch first!

2. Remember to talk to your friends while you eat.  🙂

3. When you are done, pack up and put lunchbox in bin.

4. Stand quietly in line.

5. Congratulations! You did it!

Or, for all kids, I might include a photo of the family’s dog or from a family vacation inside the cover. It’s a nice way to stimulate conversation between kids. In my experience visiting many school cafeterias, I have learned that a parent’s #1 priority at lunchtime is nutrition. The child’s #1 priority at lunchtime is making friends. EasyLunchboxes makes a nutritious lunch quick and within easy reach so that kids can “grab and gab” while they laugh and giggle with their buddies and have a little down time before heading back to the classroom. Everybody wins!

Lunch Bag Cooler Note Pocket InsideYou do know how much a love note can mean to your child, right? ….

Special thanks to the oh-so-talented Rachel of Eljah*B for creating the tutorial/making the pockets, and to Melanie for sharing this wonderful idea!



How have you decorated YOUR cooler bag?