Packing Summer Camp Lunches – How to and What to Pack

Packing Lunches for Summer Camp - How to and What to

If your kids are on a traditional schedule and out of school for the summer, are they going to day camp? Are you packing lunch boxes for them?

Packing meals for summer camp can be a bit different from packing during the school year. It’s hotter, the lunches may not be kept inside a cool classroom, and appetites can change when the heat goes up.

Lunch Box packing tips for a hot summer

So let’s get right to the basics. Wendy Copley of Wendolonia has put together 7 packing tips for camp lunches and snacks:

Packing camp lunches and snacks

Click HERE for even More Packing Tips and Tricks. By Shannon Carino.

What to Pack

Most importantly, what are you gonna pack? What will they love?  Click on the links or pics below for some great ideas gathered from our lunch packing community 🙂

More from Wendolonia:

Sunbutter Sandwich for Day Camp

Dipping Fun

If your kids love pizza, and you need new ways to send it packed in a lunch box, check out MOMables to learn more about these Pizza Dippers:

Pizza Dippers packed in EasyLunchboxes

10 more camp lunch ideas from Laura Fuentes, MOMables chief mom ► HERE.

Themed Lunches

Whether you have a sports star, an outdoor nut, a gamer, or a child with a big imagination, these 5 creative lunchbox ideas from A Mom’s Take will be a hit:

5 Summer Lunchbox ideas packed in EasyLunchboxes

Or maybe your child is going to a “themed” camp? Lots of ideas HERE from Alexandra of Lunch with Eyeness:

Education Encounters Camp - themed lunches packed in EasyLunchboxes

Even more summer camp lunch ideas

Julie, mom of two and the creator of Homemade Happy Meals is always coming up with healthy and easy meal ideas for her little ones. Click on the pic for more:

Summer Lunches by Homemade Happy Meals

Shannon, of What’s for Lunch at our House, packs for her son and daughter.

HERE are some of her camp lunches:

10+ summer camp lunches packed in EasyLunchboxes

And Shannon’s even done a 5-day COLOR CODED series HERE:

5 days of color coded camp lunches │packed in EasyLunchboxes

I’m loving this idea for a Do-it-Yourself Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich from Becky of Food for Harper. Anytime your kids can “play” with their food, they’re going to enjoy it even more.

DIY BLT packed in EasyLunchboxes

Kendra, of Biting the Hand that Feeds You, packs gluten-free, and loves to include Lunchbox Love Notes too. Click the pic for a week’s worth of Kendra’s camp lunches:

A week of camp lunches

More of Kendra’s gluten-free lunches HERE.

Pack it with love

Why not add a little love? Or maybe a joke, or a few words of encouragement… Purchase these camp-themed lunchbox notes from Say Please:

Lunchbox Love Notes for Camp

Or download some FREE printable notes from Coupons are Great:

summer lunch box notes

OR! Simply scribble your own lunch box love note 🙂 It doesn’t have to be anything fancy!

CLICK the below to see what a simple note of mine inspired:

lunchbox love note song