Packing lunches for picky eaters with help from MOMables

Pack lunches for picky eaters with help from MOMables school lunch menu plans

What will they eat for lunch?

Just because they’re back in school, it doesn’t mean you’re not worrying about what they’re eating for lunch. And if you’ve chosen to pack lunches for your kids, you want to send them off to school with food you’ll know they’ll eat AND enjoy.

But what if you have a child who hates has not developed a taste for a wide variety of foods? What if you have what’s commonly referred to as a picky eater?

When it comes to packing lunches, it takes some degree of organization, planning, and practice to find the time and methods that work well in your house. But if food is already a constant battleground, having to pack things your child will eat for lunch adds an extra layer of stress. You dread it or simply deal with. Not fun.

What if there was something that could really help?

Nothing can help. You’re stuck. This picky eater thing is gonna drive you nuts FOREVER.

OK, well now that I’ve really scared you,  lemme give you the good news:

YES Virginia, there is a better way….

• Get a jump start HERE! Recipes and tips just Picky Eaters.

• School lunch menu plans by MOMables:

MOMables = ˈmɑm·á·[bles]. Mom made, simple and nutritious. They plan, you pack, kids enjoy.

Laura Fuentes, my good friend, mom of 3, and the passionate force behind MOMables, has worked with dozens of moms, a chef and a nutritionist to create healthy lunches kids will actually eat. With her school lunch meal plans, you’ll save a lot of prep time, no longer worry about getting a variety of foods into your child’s diet, and stop wasting money on unhealthy meals and tossed food.

from MOMables Facebook page:

“I’m SO glad I found your site! My daughter started kindergarten this year and she is so picky. I was wondering what I would pack for her besides a cheese sandwich (to her cheese and bread only), wheat crackers, etc…. Her first day and she went to school with a cucumber sandwich, carrots, blueberries, wheat crackers…and a cookie! And I haven’t even started following your weekly plans yet! Just got the idea stuck in my head from browsing your site. I can’t wait to make the mac and cheese soup!” – Sara M.

“I have a VERY picky 9 year old son and two other sons, 11 and 2. Today was day 1 of MOMables lunches… They were DEVOURED! I even got them to eat the celery! It’s amazing what they’ll eat when you put it on a stick. I’m very excited to see what the rest of this week brings.” – Crystal R.C.

“Hi Laura, just wanted to share with you and other moms the success I have had with two of your recipes! The other night i made your Cheesy Stop Light Rice and it was awesome! My husband and I both loved it and my kids, who I can’t get to eat zucchini for the life of me loved it too!!!! I have also tried your Creamy Avocado Dip with great success too! So that’s two recipes I’ve tried and two amazing results! Thanks for everything, you are helping me to get my kids to eat the food that I want them to 🙂 Can’t wait to try more!” – Erin T.

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