Packing Healthy Lunches Without all the Crap

Crap or not crap?

What’s good, what’s bad? Do your kids know the difference? Do you?

Ok, what’s with ‘Crap’? Yes, it’s a strong and somewhat offensive word to some, lol.  And you can read all about my affinity for that word in my guest post about packing a healthy kids lunch on Market Mommies – a wonderful site that connects moms in business with moms who need their services and products.

Toni Bloomfield is the founder of Market Mommies. And I was pleased to be invited to contribute to the Market Mommies blog because Toni and I share a similar business strategy. She writes:

“There are moms all over this country trying to start a business, or grow a business. Many out of the basements or spare bedrooms in their houses. They don’t have the resources or know how to support their business through marketing. Most of the time, they rely on word of mouth. I’m a mom that has always wanted to start a business. I am in awe of women who juggle all their family commitments with the work that it takes to start a business. “

Word of mouth is the only way I’m currently growing my business, as I don’t do any paid advertising. The blogging world is an amazingly supportive and vibrant resource for knowledge and communication. I’m happy to share a few lunch packing tips with her audience, and she in turn, offers me a chance to showcase my products. I love the whole give and take aspect of the online communities.

Anything you want to share today? People are reading 🙂