Pack Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks in Just one Lunch Box


Fit a whole day's worth of food in one lunch box

Who’s NOT busy these days? But even if you go from school or work to additional activities in the evening hours, you can stick to your healthy eating plan by BRINGING all the food you need.

WATCH as I show you just how much you can fit into one of my EasyLunchbox cooler bags:

And check out the below examples from two of my friends who shared their ‘busy day meal-packing’:

This one’s from Alison Moore Smith. Her daughter got on a bus in the wee hours of the morning to head off to a ballroom dance competition. Not buying food saved her a lot of money on the road. In ONE lunch cooler, she brought:

  • Food container #1 (breakfast): apple/maple oatmeal with vanilla yogurt; clementine; raisins
  • Food container #2 (lunch): whole wheat turkey cheese bagel; baby carrots; celery sticks with peanut butter; M&Ms
  • Extras: apple; banana; 2 yogurt containers; 3 cheese sticks; ice pack; spoons; napkins; note

Food for a whole day in one small cooler bag

This next one’s courtesy of  actress Megan Crockett, who carries her gluten-free food with her to work and then to evening rehearsals. She’s able to stick to her eating plan and have enough to keep her going all those long hours!

  • Top left container (Dinner) Gluten free crackers, sliced chicken lunch meat. Tomato and Cucumbers.
  • Top right container(Lunch) A sandwich consisting of Gluten Free bread with Honey ham and a slice of deli white American cheese, packed with tomato. Cucumbers and oatmeal cinnamon gluten free cookies.
  • Extras: 2 strawberry fruit leathers, 2 apricot fruit leathers, a swiss army style knife/fork/spoon set, a gluten free chocolate chip granola bar, two mango/apple sauce containers and a Pepsi throwback.

Pack a lot into one small cooler bag

With a little planning ahead, you’ll be able to take a whole day of food with you. More great meal ideas HERE. Save time and money when you pack your meals-to-go with my EasyLunchbox containers and cooler bags. 🙂

what fits inside easylunchboxes cooler bag