Pack lunch, dinner, or snacks for the pool or beach

Feeling a Little Lunchy makes poolside dining easy with meals packed in easylunchboxes


At the shore or at the pool

Summer means lunches by the pool, snacks on the sand, dinner on a blanket by the lake, and always, lots of hungry mouths to feed.

Pack meals fast and fresh in EasyLunchboxes compartmentalized containers and cooler bags. (Each cooler bag can hold up to three containers, or two with an ice block.)

Stay away from overpriced snack bars

Kid-friendly, mom-approved, when you bring your own food!
DIY Lunchables, a sandwich, or containers of fresh fruits and veggies will keep everyone happy and well fed.

Laura Fuentes of Momables packs lunches in EasyLunchboxes

Mama and her 4 kids take a trip to the pool. Lunch? Mandatory!

Mamabelly's Lunches with Love serves up lunches by the pool packed in EasyLunchboxes

Bento and Bathing Suits 🙂

Bento lunch by the pool from Bento-logy, packed in an EasyLunchbox

Some days are beach days!

Sarah of Bentoriffic packs up EasyLunchboxes for yummy meals at the beach

EasyLunchboxes fit in a hotel mini fridge. Bring them on vacation.

Michelle of Creative Food brings healthy snacks packed in EasyLunchboxes for a day at the beach

 healthy eats packed in easylunchboxes by Tracie of Lunch, Snack, and Sninner

 EasyLunchboxes aren’t just for lunch

dinner picnic packed in easylunchboxes by Beth of A Boy and His Lunch

Check out the post Chef Corey of Family Fresh Meals wrote for
Great meal ideas to take with you this summer:

EasyLunchboxes as seen on

Don’t forget to bring your camera to record all the fun!