Pack lunch boxes for summer outings and road trips

Enjoy summer outings and road trips with lunches packed in EasyLunchboxes

Get out and Go!

For some, school has already started. For others, there is still time for one last weekend road trip, or maybe a getaway over the upcoming Labor Day holiday. My family and I are looking forward to a long awaited weekend in Oceanside, Ca. We’ve rented a small house on the beach for 4 days 🙂 It will be our first family vacation in almost two years. Sad to say however, that lovely oldest daughter Jenny will be back at school in Pittsburgh, for her senior year at Point Park U. Waaaahh! 🙁 Missing her already and she hasn’t even left yet….

Since we’re bringing our dog Albany along, we’ll be packing lunch containers for all, albeit one less without Jenny. (No, we’re not packing one for the dog. She just has a bowl). But yep, we’ll be eating lunch in the car on the drive down. This way, we can avoid the hassle of  trying to find an outdoor cafe along the way where we can eat with dog in tow.

Well, of course it’s nice to dine out while on vacation, (who doesn’t love meals you don’t have to cook yourself?) but sometimes it’s not feasible, it’s too expensive, or it’s not even as fun as bringing along your own delicious, home packed meals.

Pack lunch boxes ahead of time – Get some tips from the pros!

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Astrid of Lunches Fit For a Kid plans frequent outings with her family, and she almost always takes lunches along for everyone. (For more about her pics in the collage at the top of this post, go HERE and HERE )

Hiking makes you hungry. Bring along a lunch packed in EasyLunchboxes

Kendra of Biting the Hand That Feeds You has written a few posts about road trips with packed lunch boxesHERE‘s one all about her own trip, sans kids, to a food blogging conference a few hours drive away:

Pack meals for a long road trip in EasyLunchboxes

Got allergies?

If you or someone in your family is allergic to a lot of things, it may simply be easier to bring along your own food instead of trying to find “safe” foods in a strange town.

Kendra planned ahead, in order to stay allergy-free …

planning ahead for food safe meals while on vacation │ containers by easylunchboxes

… AND save money by bringing her own:

food safe meals packed in easylunchboxes while on vacation

Eat in the car. Neat and clean

Eat in the car. Easy eating on the road with EasyLunchboxes

Avoid the greasy fast food

You can enjoy WAY better lunches than something from a roadside rest stop or a drive thru. Jenn of BentoForKidlet planned ahead when she traveled with her dad and son to Boston:

Avoid the drive-thru when you're on the road. Pack ahead with EasyLunchboxes

Perfect for big and little laps.

Eat in the car without a mess. Pack lunches in Easylunchboxes

[Choking alert:  Please, if your child is small, while eating in the car, have an adult sit in the back seat with them. If you’re the only adult, pull off the road for a lunch break.]