Over 100 of the best packed lunch ideas for work

Taking lunch to the office?

Packing meals for a long work day? We’ve got you covered! I’ve rounded up some of the best posts featuring adult lunch box ideas.

Over 100 healthy lunch ideas, packed for work @easylunchboxes

You’ll be off to a great start with this INSANE collection of healthy office lunches (pictured above), from Laura Fuentes, founder of MOMables. Laura says, “Eating my home-packed office lunches I save between $10-$15 every day! If you’ve been spending money on fast food … and need healthy office lunch ideas, you’re in the right place.”

Mouth watering recipes with step by step instructions

Roxanne (The Roxx Box) who’s weight loss/fitness story I recently shared, writes, Over the past year, I went through a total transformation. I decided to take control of my health and my body, and focus on creating a healthier lifestyle. A big part of my healthy lifestyle journey dealt with a HUGE overhaul of what I was consuming and my portions. Yes, exercising was important, but I didn’t see true change, real change until I started paying attention to what I was eating.” 
 are some of Roxanne’s favorite adult lunches, each with a detailed recipe:

10 adult lunches. Packed to go in @EasyLunchboxes

Packing lunches isn’t just for the littles!

Astrid, of Lunches Fit for a Kid, often packs meals for her whole family.
Check out all her FAMILY lunches which, of course, include meals for Mom and Dad.

Lunches fit for a parent. Adult size lunches packed in EasyLunchboxes.

Allergy-Friendly is what Keeley McGuire’s blog is all about.

She writes, “I don’t just pack for Little Miss – I pack for myself, as well. Whether I’m at the office or traveling for work, it’s important I have a healthy lunch to fuel me for the day!”  Here are some of Keeley’s top posts featuring adult lunches:

Allergy Friendly, healthy packed lunch ideas for adults for work

Moms Need to eat too!

Lisa Marsh packs lunches every day for her four kids, but you can bet she needs to eat too!
Pictured below are just a few of her “mom meals”. Many more on What Lisa Cooks:

Moms need to eat lunch too. Lisa, of What Lisa Cooks, packs in @EasyLunchboxes

Challenge Yourself!

Myra, of  Mommy and Me Lunchbox recently completed an 8-week challenge and competition, with points based on diet and WOD (workout) performance. If you’re working hard to get in shape, no matter what eating plan you’re following, EasyLunchboxes can help you organize and prepare your meals ahead. HERE is a round-up highlighting some of the lunches Myra prepared to help her achieve her fitness goals:

8 Paleo lunch box ideas

Grub for the Hub

Tara of Monkey Munchables writes, “If there is one thing I find a lack of when I’m browsing the web for ideas, it’s adult lunches. Because of that I started documenting the lunches I pack my husband, as well as the lunches I do for my daughter (Even snuck a couple lunches that were mine in here). If any of you are struggling to find new ideas for lunch, I hope you find some inspiration here!”

Find some of Tara’s lunches for her hubby HERE and HERE.

Make your own burritos Lunch. Packed to go in @EasyLunchboxes

Healthify your work lunch

A whole SLEW of ideas from my pal Corey of Family Fresh Meals:

50+ work lunchbox ideas

Wanna see EasyLunchboxes in LIVE action?
Click the image below for a [VIDEO] review from Cherie of LiveLoveLatte.net

VIDEO review of EasyLunchboxes. Taking meals to work.

Eats for the car

And just in case you wondered if I use ELBs myself, here’s an example of what I pack for those busy days I have when I’m out doing my actress thing… Selfie Shot: I pulled over  to the side of the road between an audition and a rehearsal to eat my dinner. Turned up the tunes in my car and enjoyed a break from the traffic. My sandwich is avocado, muenster cheese, hummus, and cucumbers. Apple chunks in the other compartments.

Kelly Lester, actress, on the road with EasyLunchboxes

I hope this round-up post has given you a ton of ideas for your own packed meals 🙂

But wait, there’s still more!

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