Organize Your Kitchen for Easy Meal Prep


Make meal time efficient!

When it comes to meal prep in busy households, quick and easy approaches are always best. Whether you’re trying to cook your kids a hearty breakfast, pack up lunchboxes or make dinner for a hungry crew, having an organized kitchen can drastically help improve meal time efficiency.

Not sure where to start? Try the following easy kitchen organization tips that will help maximize kitchen efficiency, minimize mess and make your life a little less stressful:

  • Create a “lunch station.” Save time in the mornings by making space in your fridge and cupboards for bins to hold frequently used lunch items such as yogurt, carrot sticks or string cheese. Use individual containers or bags to keep dry snacks like trail mix or crackers handy in your cupboards. They’ll be easy to grab and throw in a lunch box and you won’t have to search through the fridge for them.
  • Use your walls. Instead of digging through cluttered cupboards every time you need a pot, pan or spatula, use your walls to keep important kitchen tools within arm’s reach. Magnetic strips can be useful for hanging smaller metal items like teaspoons or spoons, and bigger hooks can are great for larger pots and pans. Hanging towel racks and small spice shelves are other easy ways to use your walls and free up counter and cabinet space.
  • Hang up a chalkboard. Invest in a cheap chalk or dry erase board to hang in your kitchen where everyone in your family can see it. You can use it to write up meal planning ideas for the week or keep a running list of groceries. When a meal plan is visible to kids, they’ll know what’s coming and will be less likely to complain about it later. It’s also the perfect place to keep track of who needs birthday or bake sale treats baked by a certain day.
  • Portion leftovers. The next time you have leftovers from dinner, take a minute to portion them into individual lunch containers. This way you can skip an entire step when you’re packing lunches – they’ll already be made for you so all you have to do is add the right side veggies or dessert.
  • Keep your most-used items accessible. Do you have lunch containers or cutting boards that you use every single day? Keep these crucial meal prep items accessible toward the front of your cupboards instead of inconveniently stacked in the back. Organize your pantry so that bulky, unused items are in the back and smaller, frequently used items are in the front.

Use these tips in your kitchen to help meal planning, packing and preparing go as smoothly as possible! Do you have other favorite ways to organize your kitchen?

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