Opp! PSY Gangnam Style Goes Bento with Panda and Piggy

Ok, I will readily admit that I’m probably living under a rock. Or maybe under a YouTube radar NOT pointing at what the biggest viral hits are. The Double Rainbow craze was enough to put me in an “I don’t need to know” state when it comes to what’s “hot”.

But leave it to my bento-packing friends to clue me in… Just on the heels of my CuteZCute animal cutter tool giveaway yesterday, JeeJee, the creator of the CuteZCute, posted these adorable lunches. Celebrating over 1 Billion YouTube views for this uber popular song by Psy, Gangnam Style has now moved to food!

If you go to JeeJee’s blog you can read more about these way fun Gangnam Style lunches. Since the Psy bento isn’t easy for everyone to do, she decided to make a simpler version using her CuteZCute Cutter. Thus, the “Panda Style” and “Piggy Style” you see below.

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And if, just by chance, you’ve been living under that same rock, here’s the video that inspired it all. It’s WAY more entertaining than the Double Rainbow one. Just sayin’.