Olga of FabLunch Packs a Hummus Veggie Wrap in EasyLunchboxes [VIDEO]

FabLunch features EasyLunchboxes [VIDEO] - hummus veggie wrap

If you don’t know the utterly delightful and inspiring Olga of FabLunch, let me introduce you! She’s a foodaholic who turned to food, instead of drugs, to cure herself of persistently painful health problems. She says, “In a way, getting sick was a blessing … it put me on the right path.”

Olga now has a sensational website and YouTube channel where she shares the most beautiful QUICK & HEALTHY lunch ideas and easy snack recipes.

I’m just THRILLED that Olga has featured my EasyLunchboxes container in her most recent video, Hummus Veggie Wrap with Sautéed Mushrooms and Artichokes. The recipe she shares on her blog has some feta cheese in it, but you can make a vegan version by leaving out the cheese or using vegan cheese. (She also likes to call this one “Throw whatever yummy stuff you have in the fridge on a tortilla and wrap it up“.)


Get the recipe for Olga’s yummy wrap:

Hummus Veggie Wrap with Sautéed Mushrooms and Artichokes

And you’ll also want to try her (vegan) Chewy Chocolate Brownie Bites recipe – the sweet side she included with the lunch above.

FabLunch Brownie Bites by Olga - great for lunch boxes