Nutritionist Approved Healthy School Meals and Snacks

Send your kids back to school with healthy meals!

Nutritionist and Eating Strategist, Rania Batayneh, makes it easy for you to prepare and pack food your kids will love. Actually, her menus work just as well for adult meals, and Rania loves using my EasyLunchboxes for no-fuss pack and go! Here she is on KOIN CBS 6 today:

Rania recommends including protein, carbs, and fat in every meal. Watch, as she shares a number of kid-friendly ideas, combining fresh fruits and veggies with convenient but wholesome packaged foods, for deliciously simple and appealing meals to go.

Learn more about some of Rania’s favorite sources:

Rania Batayneh, America's Eating Strategist


Somersault Snack Co.

KIND Healthy Snacks

Laughing Cow Cheese

Veggie Patch

Dave’s Killer Bread 

Trader Joe’s 



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