Norway loves I BOKS and EasyLunchboxes

I BOKS – #1 on the best seller list in NORWAY – a bento lunch packing book!

And my EasyLunchboxes are featured throughout!

The lovely Susanne Kaluza has written an absolutely gorgeous book 🙂 She was kind enough to send it to me, and I’ve delighted in thumbing through every beautiful page. It’s a good thing she sent it when she did, because I just read that I Boks (which means means literally “In box” or simply “Boxed”) is now SOLD OUT, and on to it’s second printing after only a few short weeks of sales!  WOWZER! Norway is going nuts over this book! Susanne even showed off her lunch box tips  on Good Morning Norway!

Susanne Sollid Kaluza (31) is a Norwegian journalist, blogger and bestselling author. Her first book, In the box – the little lunch box book “, features nearly 50 ideas for healthy and easy bento lunches. Published by Press publishing house in mid August, it became an instant bestseller. In 2012 Susanne quit her job after ten years as a feature staff writer for the national newspaper Dagbladet, to start Norway’s premier parenting blog. Her two big passions are dresses from the brilliant Norwegian designer Cecilie Melli, and food. She loves to eat, cook, and of course, write about food. She also found time to marry the love of her life and have two kids. One of them, luckily enough, is a red head.

I find it fascinating that Norway does not serve it’s school children any kind of a school lunch. Therefore, parents are scrambling to put together packed meals for their children. Looks like the country is definitely in need of the wonderful ideas in I Boks!

I’m thrilled that Susanne is introducing my bento lunch containers to so many, a world away… No matter where you live, people need to eat lunch!

Brava to Susanne, another mom on a mission, changing the way we eat, one lunchbox at a time 🙂

Wishing her much continued success….