No mess, neat eating in the car

Laptop EasyLunchboxes!

Eat in the car without a mess. Pack meals in EasyLunchboxes

Kendra, who blogs under the name of Ludicrous Mama, is quite possibly my #1 fan, having posted almost 70 times (!) about her love for EasyLunchboxes on her blog, Biting the Hand That Feeds You.

But today, she posted such detail about an often overlooked use for my bento containers, I just had to share it with you!

Eat… drive… stay clean

How many times have you had to eat while on the run? In the car, on a plane? EasyLunchboxes are the perfect size for little and big laps. (Just last week you would have found me on a Los Angeles Freeway eating dinner from my ELB during my long drive to a callback I had for a theatre gig. No, I didn’t book the job, but at least I wasn’t hungry!)

Kendra writes:

“I know I’ve mentioned at least a few times *cough cough* how EasyLunchboxes are my favorite lunchbox for mess-free (or at least low-mess!) eating in the car. They fit well on a toddler/preschooler lap, are large enough they stay put on said lap, are small enough they fit between the armrests on the carseat, and don’t have a lot of little fiddly parts to get dropped/lost in the car. But I haven’t really advertised the fact that I try to keep empty ones in my car at all times. “What?” you gasp. “Empty ones? Why?” Well, I’ll tell you. For eating out! … So I started putting Z’s Happy Meal in one…”

Head on over to Biting the Hand That Feeds You to read the rest of her post. This mama goes into much detail about mess-free eating in the car and a few other not-often-thought-about uses for EasyLunchboxes!

An updated story:  Kendra’s  tell-all true story: Car-mageddon – Driving At Seventy Meals Per Hour and all the backlash it caused. (Who knew feeding your kids could stir people up this much?!)

Win my EasyLunchbox System!

So how much do I love my fans (whether they write about me 70 times or not, lol)?  Enough to want to GIVE them my EasyLunchboxes! Kendra’s hosting a GIVEAWAY over on her blog and you’ve got till Jan 22nd to enter. So read the rest of her post and follow the simple instructions to enter and win! 🙂 [button_round color=”orange” url=””  target=”_blank”] Click here to enter and win! [/button_round]

Lunches by Ludicrous Mama packed in EasyLunchboxes

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