My new Musical Web Series – Singing, Celebrities… Lunch Boxes!

The Premiere!

Here’s  the very first episode of my new, musical web series “Let’s Do Lunch!”

Barry Williams, aka ‘Greg Brady’, one of  the stars of The Brady Bunch, is my first celebrity guest!

Groovy, Baby!

The style of the show has a “retro” feel – a humorous tribute to the variety/talk shows of the 60’s and 70’s, so who better to have as my first guest than one of the biggest stars of  the groovy 1970’s?  The charming and funny Barry Williams is one of those rare TV celebrities who has also starred in a number of Broadway shows and touring musicals across the country. I met Barry when we were both featured singers in a charity fundraising concert.  Barry’s passionate association with the family-oriented Brady Bunch brand is a perfect compliment to my family-friendly & eco-friendly lunch boxes.

Thank you for your help!

You can be a BIG help spreading the word about “Let’s Do Lunch!”. Feel free to embed/fave/comment/rate/subscibe on YouTube, SHARE on FACEBOOK, or just email the link to your friends. Thanks a million!

Meet the Creative Team

“Let’s Do Lunch!” is written and directed by Loren Lester. Stacy and Chris Ekstein of Market Street Productions, serve as producer and director of photography, respectively. Music and Lyrics by Lucas Richman. Orchestrations by Chris Hardin. Lawrence Kim, Production Designer. Megan MacLean, Costume Designer. Choreography by Lincoln Jones. Announcer: Roger Rose. Featured dancers: Megan Heyn and Janelle Dote.

The second episode of “Let’s Do Lunch!”(in which I host a triple-threat Tony award nominee) is in post production. More episodes of “Let’s Do Lunch!” are currently in development.

Let's Do Lunch!