My Brainchild Allows This Little Parent to Stay Home

This Little Parent Stayed Home

Yesterday I had the honor of being interviewed by my dear friend and fellow mompreneur, Ally Loprete. Ally is the effervescent and inspirational host of This Little Parent Stayed Home, a weekly radio show which encourages coming together as a family unit and using ones own resources to provide for the children in the best way possible for the family.

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Ally and I met online (natch!), and quickly became fast friends and supporters of eachother. I recently had her as a guest on my “Lunch Date with Kelly” show, so I was delighted to be invited onto Ally’s show to chat with her about my brainchild – EasyLunchboxes.

From Ally’s intro: 

“The most effective enterprises come from our own experiences.”

“It happens to all of us. We get an amazing product idea based on our own desire to fulfill a personal need. We consider putting our brainchild into action, get spooked by the unknown and let the idea fizzle away. Then we freak out when we learn that someone else had the same idea, and is making a nice living off of our brainchild.

If this has happened to you on more than one occasion, its time to re-evaluate and re-engage. Don’t let another brilliant concept pass you by.
There are so many reasons that I am excited to share this week’s guest with you. Kelly Lester, the inventor of EasyLunchboxes, is that Mom Entrepreneur. You know, the one who created a product that seems so simple in retrospect that nearly anyone could have come up with it, but she was the one who took the ball and ran with it. She is the one who took action, and she did it with full commitment- without reservation, without exception, and without excuses. In less than 3 years, Kelly’s product has taken the lunchbox industry by storm becoming the top lunchbox product on, and the most talked about lunchbox campaign on the web today. All of this was executed without spending a single advertising dollar.”

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Ally LopreteAlly is also the dynamic force behind Our Milk Money, the online search directory that lists the products and services of self-employed parents in more than 80 cities across the nation. Through her own passion to create a society where parents are given an alternative to expensive daycares and long hours away from home, Ally has helped to inspire a movement that has parents everywhere realizing their power as consumers, and uniting together to rebuild a broken economy with home based businesses.