Lunch Box Note Inspires a Love Song

Lunch box Love Note song by 11 year old Julia LesterAlong with the appealing, nutritious foods you pack in lunch boxes each day for your loved ones, have you ever included a little note? A quickly scribbled “I Love You”, “Knock ’em dead at the meeting, honey”, or “Can’t wait till you get home”?

Most days, I don’t include anything in the lunch boxes I make for my kids except food.

But last Friday. I sent Julia (11) off  with a tuna sandwich, some carrots and a fruit salad. And then I added a little something extra…


HERE’S another sweet story that may also inspire you to send a little love with lunch.

Lunch box notes can be used to encourage your kids or flirt with your spouse, even while you’re apart. There are tons of different ways to include your love in a lunch box.

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Personally, I kinda prefer the handmade, scribbled on scrap paper notes. But here are a few freebies to print and personalize:

Or check out my FREE PRINTABLES Pinterest Board for lots more.

You can also purchase cute cards from these sellers:

Whether you scribble on a napkin or spend an hour crafting a handmade card, your loving message tucked in their lunch boxes may just be the sweetest treat of all.