Laura Fuentes and EasyLunchboxes on Food Network – REWRAPPED

Laura Fuentes competes on Food Network's REWRAPPED. Laura packs lunches in EasyLunchboxes

My 15 minutes (ok, maybe seconds) of fame…

How THRILLED was I to see my dear friend Laura Fuentes (creator of MOMables and author of the recently released best-seller The Best Homemade Kids’ Lunches on the Planet) competing this week on Food Network’s new REWRAPPED!? As the voiceover introduces her, pics of Laura with her kids and her favorite lunch boxes (EasyLunchboxes!) flashed across the screen. WOOT!

And now, back to the show …

Yea, so enough about me. First of all, Laura beat out gazillions of others who submitted/auditioned to be on this totally fun new show, so that’s her first win. (Oh, WAIT – am I giving it away too soon?)
Then she flies to NY and manages to keep a smile on her face during this INTENSE shoot where the 3 competing contestants have to re-create Wise Cheez Waffies from scratch.

As if that’s not enough, then they have to make a second dish, their own creative concoction, using the Waffies as one of the ingredients. All this, under hot lights in an unfamiliar kitchen, with judges (not to mention totally cute host Joey Fatone) watching closely.

Food Network's REWRAPPED Wise Cheez Waffies competition

The score was close, but yea, my girlfriend WON!!!!!

Sorry, I couldn’t NOT tell you that! Laura had to keep it a secret for like, three months till the thing aired. I know she wanted to shout it from the kitchen, but she managed to keep it under wraps (and I don’t mean a veggie wrap) till the episode aired. Finally, we can share it everywhere!!

And YOU can catch another airing of her episode, “A Word to the Wise Cheez Waffies”, THIS SATURDAY, July 12. (Check your local listing)

I love the proud daughter moment that Laura captured during her home TV viewing party. “Look! My mom’s on TV!”:

Look! My mom is on TV! Laura Fuentes on Food Network's REWRAPPED

I’m thinking this plaque is a pretty rare collector’s item 🙂 Yay for the Waffie Warrior!

Waffie Warrior Trophy awarded to Laura Fuentes for Food Network's REWRAPPED