Mellisa Uses EasyLunchboxes Because Jamie Oliver Scared Her

Mellisa packs lunch and love with the EasyLunchbox System

Mellisa packs lunch and love with the EasyLunchbox System

Mellisa Rock is a wife, mom of 4, and she’s making my job just a bit easier.  Not sure if it’s really a job, but I work hard spreading the word about healthy eating and waste-free lunches as I promote my EasyLunchbox System.  As a wife and mom, I want to feed my family and be proud of what I serve and how I serve it.  So does Mellisa.

She’s doing an even better job feeding her family ever since Jamie Oliver scared her. After watching his inspiring TED video, she and her husband vowed to make changes in how they nourish themselves and their 4 kids, and wrote about their decision in her inspiring post  ‘Jamie Oliver scared me’.

I had a long talk with Hubby about what we could do for our kids — While I do cook for and with my kids…We take them out to eat all the time — they are eating chicken nuggets, pizza and all that for lunch everyday. What we are going to try to commit to: We are going to be putting in a garden — I am going to get some seeds to start inside to be ready and Hubby is going to work on some raised beds for the yard. We are going to start sending our kids to school with Lunches…. Would you like to join in with me? What can you commit to?
In making a comittment to her family’s health and finances, Mellisa bought our EasyLunchboxes for her family, and now she’s taking pics and writing  about all the delicious and wonderfully healthy meals she’s making for them!  (I love  seeing what other moms are putting in my lunch containers!) I’m sure you’ll be inspired by her series called What’s In Your Lunch Bag. (Check out the pic of her happy son holding up the empty container… he loved his lunch. Way to go Mom!)
And I can’t tell you how tickled I am to be able to share her stories with you and now this fab video she just posted about our container sets!

Thanks Mellisa, for sharing what you and your family are cooking up! You’re truly an inspiration. You can read lots more from Mellisa on her blog Getting All My Ducks In A Row.