Inspiring Kids to dig Real Food via Annie’s Homegrown

Two posts from a couple of my favorite bloggers this week gave me (and many others) a lot of food for thought. Bettina Elias Siegel who pens the always thought provoking The Lunch Tray fueled my school food frustrations via this post about the political fighting and blame going on over how and who is going to fix the school lunch programs and more.

Then Jenna Pepper, a vegetable and nutrition enthusiast who blogs over at  Food With Kid Appeal, brought up the point in her excellent article that if we continue to feed them junk food and don’t collectively teach our kids, at home and at school, about the joys and benefits of eating real food, children will pick the crap over the good stuff when given the choice. So true.

While we wait for our government to go through it’s usual “slow to respond/proceed cautiously/let’s hear both sides for a few years before we spend anything on this issue”, my stalwart position remains that, in the meantime, we need to do everything we can as parents, educators, private companies, friends and neighbors to simply offer our kids real, wholesome food over the junk.

It’s just as easy to pick up a bag of tangerines as a case of potato chip snack packs for soccer practice. It’s a choice. I’m encouraged by the amazing folks I meet in the blogosphere who inspire and encourage us to change our habits for the benefit of our kids. Every little step in the right direction counts.

Annie's HomegrownAnnie’s Homegrown is certainly a company that believes in its own core values and mission statement. They work hard to take care of their customers from kids to grown ups, which is evidenced in this sentence from their website:

“We nourish communities by providing healthy food, promoting sustainability and supporting organizations motivated by our same intrinsic purpose.”

Annie’s Homegrown is encouraging anyone who wants to inspire kids to dig real food to join Root4Kids, their movement which offers simple and fun healthful activities, resources, and programs for home and the community.

I’m big on thank you notes.  Everyone likes to be thanked for doing good. I love that Annie’s Homegrown is encouraging us toWrite a Thank You to the USDA for taking a stand on adding more servings of veggies to school lunches.” The “USDA’s recent decision is to increase servings of veggies and reduce sodium and calories in school lunches.”   Root 4 Kids

Between March 8 and April 10, Annie’s is asking people to send in a picture, story, or letter talking about their support of veggies in school lunches. Share your letters here.

This movement is an example of a company getting involved to help make the world a better, or in this case, a healthier place. Kids and adults can get involved and take a stand for their health and the food they eat right now.

Will you join in? 155,690 people have so far. Let’s all Root4Kids!