How to remove permanent marker from plastic

You won’t believe how easy it is!

And I am so amazed at this handy little trick, I wanted to share it with you…

So I was packing a lunch for my hubby and wanted to write a note to him on the lid of one of my plastic EasyLunchbox containers. So I grabbed what I thought was a dry-erase (removable) marker and wrote something goofy that only he would understand (wink-wink). I smiled to myself as I finished, and only then did I realize that my cute greeting would also be PERMANENT. Oy. I wasn’t smiling at the thought of what I wrote etched permanently onto this orange lid. (Thank you purple Sharpie that ended up in the cup with the dry-erase markers).

What to do!? GOOGLE to the rescue of course! Look what I found:

You can thank me when your permanent marker goes for an unintended scribble.

(But that doesn’t mean I’ll tell you what I wrote to my hubby).