How to open, close, and care for EasyLunchboxes food containers so they last

How to care for your EasyLunchboxes food containers

Enjoy your lunch containers for a long time with proper care

In general, the ‘life expectancy’ of the containers and lids – my kids use them daily with our EasyLunchboxes cooler bags, is anywhere from 4-12 months, or more, with no cracking. Sure, mystery breakage happens, but the majority of our containers last through months of almost daily use, many last well over a year. Some folks report that theirs are still going strong even after 2 years. Yes, cracks or breakage can happen. Honestly, they’re not indestructible. The Tupperware secret is something I have yet to crack…  But at about $3.50 per container, I feel this is good usage for the price. We wash ours in the dishwasher daily (see below).

Best practices to keep yours looking like new for a long time

Closing the container – Line up the the bottom and top pieces and close gently. Do not force the lid down onto the container so hard that you hear a series of “clicks”. The container will stay closed and the lid will be easy to remove if the lid is NOT “snapped” to the bottom at every point. Not every catch point needs to be engaged for a good fit, and forcing the pieces together at every point can result in breakage. It will also be more difficult to open if you do this.

A tip for the lid – use the tab to lift the lid partly off the tray, but then grip more of the lid to make it easier to get the whole lid off, putting much less stress on the tab and the container itself.

Help your children learn how to open and close the containers

*Thank you Kendra of Biting the Hand That Feeds You for the video of her container-opening 2 year old 🙂

Use a cooler bag: Please pack your lunch container inside my insulated soft sided cooler bag (or similar) to protect the edges during daily use.

For kids/backpacks/lunchtime: It’s best if not carried in a backpack with heavy books (even if packed inside a cooler bag). This may not be the case at your child’s school, but backpacks are often thrown onto the yard in a pile, and I’ve seen how they can get stepped on.
**Also, check with your child as to how lunchtime is handled. I’ve heard from a number of parents who’ve told me that lunch coolers are stored in a big cart till lunchtime, and then tossed in a pile on the floor for the children to grab theirs from. This is sure to cause children to step on coolers as they reach for their own.  A container that is stepped on will crack.

Dishwasher: Do take care when loading them in and out. Avoiding the agitation between other dishes will help them last longer. Ours go in the bottom in their own “slot” every day against the left side of the bottom rack. I can fit 3 standing up tall, and I put the lids behind them. They have never broken there because they don’t bump around other heavy dishes. As long as you don’t wedge them haphazardly between heavy plates or pans they should be fine. Keep your EasyLunchboxes away from the heating element (top rack may be best, especially if your dishwasher uses scalding water).

Use common sense

Don't back up over your EasyLunchboxes or they will break

LOL. Of course I know you know that!!

I love getting your emails and had to share this one 🙂

Just before I sat down to write this post today, I got this email and the above pic from Julie. It made me laugh.

“Hi Kelly, 

My family thought we could do a little research and development for you. My daughter decided to try leaving a backpack, with her nicely packed lunch inside, right next to the car on day 3 of school. Mommy got in the car to pull out of the garage and backed right over that backpack which was on the passenger side. Needless to say, although very sturdy, the weight of the car was just too much for this cute pink Easy Lunch Box that we ordered from Amazon just about a week ago! … Of course pink was her favorite… Other than this giant mishap, we are LOVING the boxes!”  –  Julie Vargas and family : )

So, with proper care, just how long will your EasyLunchboxes containers last?

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