Ziploc 3-compartment Lunch Containers vs. EasyLunchboxes

How do Ziplocs and EasyLunchboxes compare? Price vs. quality.

How do they compare?

EasyLunchboxes – a replacement for Ziploc:

EasyLunchboxes are an excellent replacement for Ziploc divided food containers

7/28/13 Blame it on the Bento compares EasyLunchboxes with warping Ziplocs (great pics)

8/14/12 – Angie reports on how EasyLunchboxes have held up after a year of steady use. EasyLunchboxes are sturdy and do not warp, even after a year of steady use.


10/26/11  Bento Bloggers compare EasyLunchboxes to Ziplocs and others. Click HERE to read.

Aug. 8, 2011  – (You can see her own pics of the other brand warping ) A HELICOPTER MOM … I could tell immediately that the Easy Lunchboxes are a much better quality. The containers and the lids are clearly thicker and sturdier than the cheaper version I previously tried. I love them! From a 5-star review posted on our Amazon store: May 12, 2011: “Yes, they really are worth it” …I’ll address what I’m guessing is likely to be the most common question/gripe . . . Yes, they are certainly worth whatever-multiple-of-the-cost of those nationally available ones (whatever name-brand you choose). These are different! …They may be inexpensive enough that your blood pressue won’t spike if/when your child loses one at school, but they are most certainly not ‘take and toss.’ You’ll know that the moment you hold one; they’re heavier, thicker, sturdier. We have had ours for a few weeks shy of a year now, and they still look/work like brand new. No stains, no etchy shadows, no warping at all (not the bodies, not the lids). I’ve never hand-washed them, they’ve been run through the dishwasher every time. April 8, 2011 Visit Biting the Hand That Feeds You for another comparison with Ziploc. Aug. 23, 2010: Please visit Extraordinary Life and read what an outside reviewer concluded in her very own comparative study of ours and those by Ziploc. Great videos included!

Please note that EasyLunchboxes are NOT leakproof. Click HERE to read how you can make EasyLunchboxes leak-resistant in some cases.

The Original Post:

Lunch box packing for three kids is a chore and, although I’m passionate about sending them to school with a healthy meal, I was annoyed by the myriad of single item containers and baggies I was using to get all the food into each lunchbox.  As the self proclaimed “Queen of Efficiency”, not to mention “Solve a Problem Queen”, I took a leap, almost a year of preparation, and designed a 3-compartment, two-piece container to hold the majority of a lunch.  I called it an EasyLunchbox. I launched my company in late November, 2009. So here I am, about six months into successfully running my new business, when I do my bi-monthly Target run, and in the aisle with the lawn clean up bags I was after, I am surprised to see that a new 3-compartment reusable container has come on the market. It’s the same shape as an EasyLunchbox . (This configuration was nowhere to be found when I came up with the idea early last year. Believe me – I checked).  They cost less than an EasyLunchbox. Now how do I compete with that? Oh wait, maybe they’re competing with me?  Yea, right. Have they even heard of an EasyLunchbox? Who knows. Their cardboard packaging prevents me from being able to tell what the quality of these babies are like, so I add them to my cart and take them home for an examination and a little healthy challenge competition.

In the Lunch Container Category …drum roll please… Ziplocs vs. EasyLunchboxes:

(Both brands were washed in our dishwasher) Big Brand reusable containers warp in the dishwasher   EasyLunchbox containers don't warp in the dishwasher


EasyLunchboxes save you money because they last a lot longer.

Ziploc vs. ELB question answered on our Facebook Wall

Here’s what a couple of our reviewers have said:

ANOTHER LUNCH “… let me assure you, the EasyLunchboxes are nothing like the disposable containers you are familiar with. They are very sturdy and not bendy at all and simply a really good product I feel good about endorsing. :)”

LUNCHBOX LIMBO “At first glance on the website, I was expecting the plastic to be a little on the flimsy side. They remind me of the … cheapy ‘take to a potluck and who cares if it comes back’ containers. But they are not.  They are much sturdier than I expected them to be.”

And I got this nice email from a mom:

“I gave my daughter (age 7) the Ziploc container in her lunch box one day and she requested to have your containers again because the Ziploc lid was too hard to get off. I also tried the cling plastic wrap on the wet fruit section of the lunch box and it’s working to keep the liquids where they should be. All is good again in lunchville! LOL thanks!!!!” – JL

UPDATE 7/23/14 (pic courtesy of Mommy & Me Lunch Box):

Warp Test - EasyLunchboxes vs. Ziploc compartmentalized food containers

When products are similar, we tend to go for the cheapest one (I know I usually do). But it’s not just the price that’s matters, it’s the quality. EasyLunchbox containers are sturdier and will last longer than these thinner ones, saving you money in the long run. So in this case, let me be bold enough to suggest – we beat our competition in both price and quality.