How a family of 9 packs lunches assembly style with EasyLunchboxes containers

Packing made easy! EasyLunchboxes compartmentalized containers

I love it when people write to me

Nothing means more to me than when I hear from you, my readers, about your experiences using my EasyLunchboxes. I really love seeing all the pictures you post of the lunches you pack, and I especially love to get a glimpse of the people who pack them!

I recently heard from Crystal, a Las Vegas mom of 7, and I just had to share some of her thoughts, pics, and even the video(!) she sent me 🙂

“Here is our family with the EasyLunchboxes containers in action! Normally, I make lunches while everyone is at school. These were taken on Sunday right after church so some kids are in dress clothes, others changed into pajamas.”

Pack lunches fast - Assembly style with EasyLunchboxes!

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I actually met Crystal via my good friend Laura of MOMables. Not only did she tell Laura how much easier my ELBs are making it to pack for her large family, Crystal wrote this:

“Laura – Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent of making food healthy and creative. I just survived the first few weeks of school with the help of your encouragement and MOMables recipes. I am making them for my seven school kids and my husband and I every day. It has changed our lives – we are eating healthy for the first time ever! Had no idea that there were choices beyond PBJ and prepackaged snacks and prepackaged fruit! Surprisingly, my family of 9 picky eaters have all LOVED your food suggestions. Your blog on picky eaters was a huge help. I am short on time (for obvious reasons) but am very organized and I love to cook and can follow a photo (my husband does the shopping so the list you provide is wonderful) … If I can do this with my large family, anyone can! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do!” -Crystal

So there you have it.

As Crystal says, If I can do this with my large family, anyone can!”I’ve heard from so many – that having a system in place, great lunch ideas, and the right tools, makes a huge difference in the way a family eats and cares for themselves. I’m so grateful to be able to help families like Crystal’s (and yours!) with my EasyLunchboxes.

The EasyLunchboxes Thankyou Song – by Crystal’s kids

“After going on your website some time ago, we were able to see the videos that you made and were inspired to make our own … We had talked about it for a while, but in an effort to get this out in our crazy schedule, we all got up a few minutes early and did this in one shot. This was totally my kids! They wrote the song on a whim, learned it in a few minute,s and everyone was excited except one (oh well). All I did was push the button on my son’s phone like he told me. Enjoy!” 

Too sweet not to share 🙂