Home cooked meals and encouraging words bring comfort in times of need

Comfort for a loved one in need - EasyLunchboxes and Lunchbox Love notes

In times of struggle, food is something many people turn to for comfort. But what if they’re unable to pay for the food? Or they lack the strength to shop for it, let alone, cook it?

We all know people who are dealing with things that make it nearly impossible to feed themselves properly or consistently.

Blessing those in need with a home-cooked meal is a loving gift they’ll remember long after the last bite is eaten and the difficult period has passed.

My EasyLunchboxes make it simple and organized to pack meals for others. Whether you’re feeding elderly neighbors, or putting meals in the freezer for a new mother, my compartmentalized containers are easy to fill, store, and transport.

The right words at the right time

In addition to a savory meal, offering words of strength and hope is what my friend Judi had in mind when she came up with her latest pack of Lunchbox Love notes.

“Every pack of Lunchbox Love was developed from our personal experiences as moms, wives, co-workers, and friends. Our brand new Lunchbox Love for Strength & Hope is no exception. The inspiration for Strength & Hope came from a dear friend of mine who was struggling with a terrible divorce. I didn’t know what to do for her so I began writing these cards with the hope of lifting her spirits during such a difficult time in her life.

In the middle of writing the line, another friend was diagnosed with cancer and I continued writing, now with her in mind as well. During her chemo I was dropping off meals in EasyLunchboxes, accompanied by my writings of strength and hope.

I wrote with a strong sense of purpose–life throws curve balls at all of us and a little strength & hope can go a long way to help get us through anything…”

Lunchbox Love for Strength and Hope has launched just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The cards offer loving messages and inspiring quotes for anyone you care about who is going through difficult times…divorce, illness, family issues etc…

Lunchbox Love is  donating a portion of their profits from Strength and Hope to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Lunchbox Love Notes is donating for breast cancer awareness month

No matter what happens, people have to eat. If you’re not sure how to help someone who is struggling, a lunchbox filled with with food, strength and hope will always be appreciated.

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Top photo (hugging women) credit: Ma Gali via photopin cc