Healthier Snacking with Pretzels by H.K. Anderson

All about pretzels

When most people think of the word “pretzel”,  two things come to mind: the big, warm, soft kind you get at a fair or from a street vendor, and the hard crunchy kind you get from a bag. When I hear the word “pretzel” three things come to mind – my kids. (Only two kids are referred to in this post as the third is off at college).  There aren’t too many things that make them happier than eating pretzels. Supposedly the pretzel was invented as a “reward” for children – the origin of the word comes from Germany, by way of Italy, by way of long ago Latin monks who offered the warm, doughy bribe to children who had memorized their Bible verses and prayers. The monks called it a Pretiola, Latin for little reward. From there, the pretzel transformed into the Italian word, Brachiola, which means little arms. Eventually, it made it to Germany where it it became known as the Bretzel or Pretzel.

The love of pretzels is universal amongst children throughout Europe and the U.S. (The hard pretzel, by the way, is as American as apple pie and was invented in Pennsylvania.) Pretzels are a pretty good snack, especially compared to the alternatives. They’re baked, not fried like potato chips, and they have fewer preservatives and artificial flavors like name-brand tortilla chips or cheese-puffs.

Lily and Julia and their pretzelsSo you can imagine how delighted my daughters were to be official taste-testers for H.K. Anderson Pretzels. A  generous sampler box arrived at our door which was quickly mom-approved, and a green light was given for the muching to begin…. the girls went right to work.

But it turns out that not all pretzels “are created equal”, case-in-point: the variety of flavored pretzels offered by H.K. Anderson. The girls savored these unique blends and declared them to be much better than the average pretzel. Daughter Lily, age 12, and daughter Julia, age 10, both enjoyed H.K. Anderson’s Honey Wheat Braided Twists because of “the mixture of sweet and salty.” Lily enjoyed dipping them in milk. I found a fun idea at Meal Makeover Moms for a snack with lots of kid appeal you could make using these sticks.

The “mixture of sweet and salty” (with not too much salt in the peanut butter) made their Peanut Butter Filled Nuggets a big hit with the girls, too. Lily also remarked that you could “really taste the ‘baked’ flavor.”

The Pretzel Balls “start off with a normal pretzel taste but popcorn flavor finishes it”, according to Lily.

Julia’s lunch with the pretzel balls was a big hit with her at school last week:Julia loved the pretzel balls in her lunchbox

And finally, the Salty Stix Ultra Thins were appreciated by our health-conscious Lily because they represented a good “serving size”, and Julia found them to be “better than most pretzels.”

H.K. Anderson Pretzels in 4 varieties

Not only does H.K. Anderson make great pretzels, we love how they support local youth and sports teams, including a national sponsorship of Pop Warner Little Scholars. You can learn more on their Facebook Page.

Now that we’ve whet your appetite for pretzels, and before you rip open one of these delicious varieties from H.K. Anderson, click the following link for some cool trivia about pretzels you may not have known.

So there you have it – the experts (at least in my house) have spoken. And now there’s one more thing I can put in their lunchboxes without feeling too guilty. Let’s just say its their “pretiola” for eating their fruits and vegetables.

Do you have any “reward foods” in your house? Are they healthy ones?