Health Starts Here – Whole Foods and whole grains for power packed lunch boxes

learn how to cook with whole grains at Whole Foods. #EasyLunchboxes #bentoriffic

My friend Sarah packs some of the most delicious and gorgeous vegan lunch boxes I’ve seen.  

I was especially bowled over by the ones she shared on This Week in Sarasota.

A Florida beach-lover and plant-based food blogger, Sarah recently enjoyed a free “grains” class offered by the Sarasota Whole Foods Market in support of their Health Starts Here program. Even though she already knows quite a bit about a wide variety of grains, she was delighted to pick up some great pearls of wisdom and cooking tips; helpful info for everyday cooking, along with some fantastic new recipes:

Kid-pleasing quinoa with unsweetened coconut, mango, & raisins

california quinoa salad packed in an #EasyLunchbox #bentoriffic

Tabbouleh doesn’t always have to be made with bulgur!

millet tabbouleh recipe by Sarah Felder of Bentoriffic

Click on the pics above to read Sarah’s article, and get the recipes for these great dishes!

Sarah Felder is a vegan mom with a passion for fresh, local food and healthy living. She shares beautiful, creative and kid-approved lunchbox ideas on her blog Bentoriffic. She is featured in my book, Cooking with Trader Joe’s – Easy Lunch Boxes.

Sarah Felder Bentoriffic plant based bento lunches