Green Your Lunch Box and Save the Earth

Earth Day is officially April 22nd.

But really, isn’t Earth Day every day? I mean, we live here.  We’re a part of this earth every moment of our lives. We take from it, we enjoy it’s beauty, and we use all it has to offer.  Do we take good care of it? Sadly, no.

I’m just a mom with a date circled on the calendar,and some school flyers that say ‘Celebrate Earth Day’. Now what? What should I do to ‘celebrate?’ I’m thinking that this ‘holiday’ is best served by education not entertainment. Now, many other websites and organizations devoted to sustainability, greening the environment, and eco-friendly endeavors will do a much better job than I of explaining all the reasons why and how we are ruining our beautiful planet and what we can do about it (or not).

“Annually, April 22 is a day set aside to honor the Earth. But every day is Earth Day, and some of the things that will happen 365 times in a year are listed … Not all of them can continue indefinitely.
– University of ND, Symposium on Sustainabilty

I found this sobering info on the Reusable Bags website:

* Close to 2.7 billion juice boxes end up in landfills every year. (Container Recycling Institute)
* Each child who brings a brown-bag lunch to school every day will generate 67 pounds of waste by the end of the school year — that’s 18,760 pounds of lunch waste for an average-sized school! (EPA)
* Lunchtime trash is second only to office paper as the leading source of school waste. (Green Teacher magazine, Fall 2004)
* A disposable lunch costs $4.02 per day, versus $2.65 for a waste-free lunch. That translates to a savings of about $246.60 per child per year. (

So here’s what I’m doing to help spread the idea that packing a waste-free lunch is a HUGE helping hand to our beloved earth:

I made sure that became a Participating Company of the
Green My Lunchbox Campaign, a national campaign asking 15,000 families to pledge to pack a waste-free lunch to eliminate 1 million pounds of waste going to landfills.

I’m asking YOU to visit their page on Facebook, join the campaign and make your pledge today. Use the discount code GREENIT when you place an order with any of the participating companies (including EasyLunchboxes of course!) and take 10% off your order between now and Labor Day.

So celebrate Earth Day. It’s fun, and yes, educational too! There are a ton of activities in your area to take part in this week. Then go home and prepare a great waste-free lunch for work or school. Involve your kids and tell them why their lunch box makes a difference. Isn’t our earth worth the effort?