Greek-themed lunches packed for the week ahead

Homegrown Traditions

Mom of 4 needs to pack lunches FAST!

Brittney, of Homegrown Traditions, shares how she packs Greek-themed lunches for the week ahead.

A new week, a new school lunch prep:

From Brittney:

“I was so bad with lunch making last year, so I’ve tried to do a lot better this year. And really, the only way I can make it happen is keeping everything super simple, preparing it all in one day.  Today I got all the ingredients together for a week’s worth of Greek school lunch boxes for my kids. I actually got everything from Costco, and because of the already-small produce I chose, there is no chopping and cutting! #win
…This might be my personal favorite school lunch prep so far – mostly because I love Greek-style food … It was my lunch today and probably will be for the rest of the week too”
  – Originally shared via Instagram

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