GOAL: Pack all our lunches on Sunday for the week ahead

The family who packs together….

With 3 kids under the age of 10, Alice, of Alice in Mamaland has her plate full. In addition to being a mom, she’s also a wife, teacher, photographer, writer, and CrossFitter. You can bet she’s always looking for ways to get things done more efficiently.

That’s why her family packs all their meals in EasyLunchboxes compartmentalized containers.

“PACK, STACK, SACK!! Packing 12 lunches. No problem!! It took us 40 minutes tonight, but maybe we can get it down to 30?? I’m really excited to implement this system!!” – Alice Shippee

Watch them do it. Together!

(The above video was originally posted HERE.)

Alice got a lot of questions, so I’m sharing some of her replies below ..

So glad you’re enjoying our little video! ….we shop a lot at Trader Joe’s & Costco, so our spread includes affordable stuff from both places! The kids have been taught to pack a protein, a veg, a fruit, a grain, & a fat, so we put out a couple of options for each, because of course no one likes the same things, LOL! For proteins, we do lunch meats, tofu, veggie dogs. For veggies: carrots, celery, & cucumbers. For hummus & ranch dressing for the veggies, we love the Little Dippers from Easylunchboxes ! Berries do great for 3-4 days (just like they would in your fridge usually), then grapes.  Apples aren’t great if cut ahead of time, but you can  soak them in lemon water to fight the browning. We just eat the apples at home instead. And weirdly enough, breadsticks stayed crispy for one of my girls one week, but not for the other girl. We just decided to pack grains separately, & they just grab the little bags & put them in the sack with their boxes! 🙂  – Alice

UPDATE! Their lunch packing has gotten even FASTER:

15 lunches packed in 36 minutes w/ @EasyLunchboxes

The 15 boxes take up about half a shelf–less than I thought they would! …anticipating my new plan, I bought another fridge off Craigslist this summer! I got a fridge that’s all fridge, no freezer, & it’s super roomy! Love it!! And it was a bargain!! 😀 … I found that I was always trying to ration out the lunch foods, like, “Don’t eat that! That’s for lunch!” LOL. Now, it’s all packed up, & they can go at whatever is not packed. 🙂 … I realized that any of the food that will stay fresh in the fridge, usually for 4-5 days, will stay fresh in the EasyLunchboxes.  – Alice

So what do the lunches look like in real time?

Alice’s lunches (preview a few below) can all be found HERE.
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