Get crafty! How to personalize and decorate your EasyLunchboxes cooler bags

EasyLunchboxes cooler bags get personalized

I got these delightful pics from Debbi K. today …

“I *love* the way my EasyLunchBox bags turned out… Not bad for someone who isn’t all that crafty, right? Seriously, thanks for making a bag that’s big enough to hold all of my kids’ lunches, snacks, water bottles and juice boxes… And keeping the food flat!!!”

Here’s how Debbi turned my EasyLunchboxes cooler bags from simple to spectacular:

“… I had them embroidered but they still seemed to be missing something, so I found the grosgrain ribbon, some double sided fabric tape (who knew that existed?! GENIUS!), and went to town. The girls have a bunch of keychains they swap in and out; Sammy is 2 so I just picked his out (although he chose the ribbon!) … I’m pretty darned pleased with how well they turned out myself, and more than a little surprised.”

First day of Kindergarten

Monogram your EasyLunchboxes cooler bags. Add ribbon and a key chain

Debbi lives in NC with her husband, 5 year old girls and 2 year old son. She spends her days chasing after the latter trying to convince him he really does want to nap/pee in the potty/etc., while simultaneously doing never ending loads of laundry and juggling her girls’ already impressive social activity calendar. With the little free time she has, she enjoys going on Pinterest, where she pretends to be super crafty and resourceful, but is too busy pinning to actually make anything.

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