Fire Safe Lunch Boxes?

My Twitter conversation from earlier today:

EasyLunchbox containers prove flame retardant

I had never tried to set one of our lunch containers on fire…

So I didn’t know they were actually flame retardant! But I had the above Twitter conversation today with a busy mom who accidentally found out that they are.

Now, I’m not sure how long the container was on her stove, and I don’t think this is an ‘experiment’ worth repeating, but I AM grateful to know that the EasyLunchbox container she left on the flame didn’t send her kitchen up in smoke!

When I set out to manufacture the EasyLunchbox System, product safety was among my top concerns. BPA (Bisphenol A, a hormone-disrupting chemical) is used in some “microwave safe” plastics. When heated, this has been shown to leach out. However, EasyLunchbox food containers do not contain BPA, and like some of the finest baby bottles on the market, our containers are safe to use in the microwave.  Furthermore, our containers (and lunch bags) have passed strict FDA quality testing – a non-required, higher standard that we choose to adhere to, in order to assure our customers of our commitment to safety.

Many lower grade plastics used for food storage are allowed in the USA, and the government does not require this extra FDA ‘seal of approval’ –which basically assures that the melting point of the plastic is higher than the commonly allowed standard.

I’m sure this is why our container did not melt, scorch, or catch fire.

I hate BPA. But I really hate accidental fires. Proud to know that my safety choice for our products saved this family from a potential disaster today.

For more about EasyLunchbox products and safety standards, click here.

UPDATE September 16, 2013

My friend Melinda had a little bad luck with her lunch container last night. She sent me this pic:
Fire safe lunch containers by EasyLunchboxes