Finding Your Core of Greatness

Jennifer Boykin‘s words inspired me to create the above image.  

Click HERE to listen to an interview with her.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself, then really… listen in.

Working out and my Favorite Podcast

I need a LOT of motivation to get through a workout (It’s all I can do to drag myself to the gym or outside for a walk most days). So I HAVE to have something playing in my ears to distract me from what my body is often loathe to do.

Enter BlogCast FM – my favorite podcast, and an amazing  resource for all things blogging, social media, and small biz. Founder and host, Srinivas Rao, has interviewed hundreds of incredible bloggers, artists, authors, and all types of successful business people. Srini digs deep during hour long conversations with each of his guests, and his interview talents easily draw many inspirational gems and light bulb moments from each of them.

Today, I caught up with an interview I had missed a couple months ago. Jennifer Boykin, of Life After Tampons, chatted about being your own unique self. Oh wait, I know!  That doesn’t sound earth shattering at all. But here’s the thing – she did it like I’ve NEVER heard before. She not only got me pumping through a hilly walk for close to an hour, my earphones didn’t come out until after I had returned home AND done some planks, push-ups, and a few stretchy-band exercises (not too bad for this “give me any excuse to avoid exercise” girl).

And then I wanted to tell you about it! Listen for yourself.

(I’m also sharing this  interview with my daughters. 3 girls under the age of 21 who are at the point in their lives where comparing themselves to their friends can sometimes take over their thoughts like the plague.)

photo credit: Lst1984 via photopin cc