Fight Back Against Fakes

There are counterfeit and copycat EasyLunchboxes on Amazon, Ebay, and more

Don’t accept FAKES

Due to the popularity of my EasyLunchboxes® bento lunch containers, copycatters and counterfeiters are trying to pass their wares off as genuine, trademarked EasyLunchboxes®.

Counterfeiting accounts for between 5-7% of world trade, worth an estimated $600 billion dollars a year. Unfortunately, my company, my family’s livelihood, and YOU are being affected by this crime.


This post is LONG. But here’s the bottom line …

Be sure you're getting my GENUINE EasyLunchboxes
ONLY buy from Amazon. No other seller is selling genuine ELBs

Other online genuine sellers:

Shop on Amazon? You should know:

The ONLY qualified reseller of my genuine, name brand products on is: Amazon (aka AMAZON LLC).  Do not buy from ANY other seller!

Please do NOT buy EasyLunchboxes® from any seller other than those listed above. Rogue sellers are listing fake and look-alike copies. And not just on Amazon. Ebay sellers and other online merchants are NOT qualified EasyLunchboxes resellers.

This isn’t just an EasyLunchboxes problem

Manufacturers large and small are suffering huge losses:

“It ruins all the joy and the pride of coming up with a good product … It’s heartbreaking. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.” – BigMouth Inc.

“Often, the counterfeiters even pay for reviews, generating thousands of positive reviews in a short period of time to add an appearance of legitimacy to their online store. Usually, products are only discovered to be counterfeit once they are in the hands of the consumers.” –  Yahoo News: Amazon made it easier for Chinese counterfeiters to sell you fake products

• I do not supply Amazon (or anyone else) with a generic version. If you come across the “Amazon Basics” version of my ELBs, it is a copycat product. It is not manufactured by EasyLunchboxes in the EasyLunchboxes factory. 

Copycat containers are manufactured by different factories using copycat MOLDS. Tops and bottoms from these molds will NOT fit with the tops and bottoms of my genuine EasyLunchboxes.

Amazon has allowed sellers to list their fake ELBs, stickered with my ASIN# (product identifier) on the same listings as my genuine products. The FAKE ones are then being mixed in with real ones at the fulfillment centers and, once purchased, it’s a crap shoot as to which ones a customer will receive. This practice confuses the customer and devalues my trademarked brand.

It pains me to have to share this sad fact of life with you, but I’m hoping that if I let you know that you may not be receiving genuine, branded EasyLunchboxes from Amazon, you will return the fakes to Amazon and complain. Loudly. Counterfeiting is a federal crime.

Complain and warn others NOT to buy from counterfeiters.

I hope you don’t mind that I’m asking for your help. I realize that getting something other than what you’ve paid for is maddening. Then you have to go through the steps to return it. That’s bad enough. But Amazon also needs to receive MANY, MANY complaints about this ongoing issue to take action. Fraudulent sellers need to receive 1 star ratings.  At the very least, these rogue sellers’ accounts should be shut down and their counterfeit wares destroyed.

YOU CAN HELP. Here’s how:
(CLICK image for larger view)

Complain and warn others NOT to buy from counterfeiters

(**Be sure you are leaving negative SELLER feedback, not a poor review on my product listings.)


** UPDATE (July, 2017) – EasyLunchboxes that sold for a limited time in TARGET, as well as newer URBAN sets have slightly updated packaging and container markings, different from the below. (Target carried only my genuine product.)

The most obvious fakes don’t look anything like the above. Amazon seller “MOONGO” was selling something completely different (The Munch Box), stickered with the EasyLunchboxes SKU#.  (CLICK image for larger view).

The Munch Box is NOT EasyLunchboxes. Buyer Beware.

Another seller named Right-Price Outlet was selling “EasyLunchboxes” for almost double the MSRP price. A customer unknowingly purchased from this seller and received some containers labeled “ChefsTown” that look like this:

ChefsTown containers are not EasyLunchboxes

Yep. Even more fakes.

Check the lids

In addition to carefully checking the packaging, please note what the lids should look like on the genuine product. (CLICK image for larger view).:

EasyLunchboxes lids say Easy Lunch Boxes .com

(CLICK image for larger view):

FAKE EasyLunchboxes are called The Munch Box

Check the bottoms

Container bottoms will include the following info* (*most container sets sold after 2015.  Some sets after July 2017 also say “enjoy your lunch”.  Note – all sets have always been BPA-Free.)

EasyLunchboxes container bottoms

A good copy may still be a FAKE

Even if the packaging and containers themselves DO say EasyLunchboxes, please compare what you receive to the GENUINE EasyLunchboxes® pictured above so you can be sure you got the real thing.

The bad guys copy EVERYTHING

Oh, and just to aggravate you further, it’s not only my container sets that are being copied/counterfeited. “My” top-selling EasyLunchboxes black cooler bag was recently being sold by Amazon seller BagzDepot. HOWEVER, since I do not supply them with my real, brand name bags, they were actually selling a poorly made black cooler that was clearly NOT my name brand product. If you were unlucky enough to be fooled by their listing, this is what you would have received:

(CLICK images to see larger. Real compared with counterfeit)



I’m not the only one that’s mad

Thank you to Rachel of Following in my Shoes for sharing her feelings about this via Instagram. Along with the below picture, she wrote, “PSA For The Day — I had to buy more EasyLunchboxes … we were down to just a couple thanks to kids losing them, breaking a few, and a mishap where Mama accidentally drove over one!!!! I have used these boxes for nearly three years now and they truly are the easiest boxes! BUT — oh, my word — there are SO MANY COUNTERFEIT COPIES on Amazon! You guys!!!! Please make sure you are getting the original ones that Kelly has worked hard to develop — look for the Easy Lunchbox logo, Amazon page etc., and avoid the companies selling the counterfeit ones!!! You will be disappointed in the quality (not to mention supporting someone trying to trick people with counterfeit product).”

photo courtesy of @followinginmyshoes

And thank YOU, my dear reader, for making it to the end of this post, as well as for your support and continued enthusiasm for my products.

Fight back against Fakes. Get the REAL EasyLunchboxes®